Auvik makes MSP network management easy and profitable

Discover, map and manage your clients’ networks and SaaS.

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Proactive, Profitable MSP Network Management

As businesses continue to shift to the cloud, they are turning to MSPs to handle scale, visibility, and security. Auvik’s cloud-based software is the perfect partner for MSP network monitoring. It’s incredibly user-friendly, and can be deployed in under an hour to all your clients, customized to their needs. With our range of network management software, you can offer more to clients than ever before. Even better, you can do so while working less and increasing your margins.

Improve profitability

Auvik helps you reduce costs while also increasing revenue.

Find and fix issues faster

With 50+ out-of-the-box alerts and a real-time network map, you can identify issues faster.

See a faster return

Onboard clients faster with automated mapping and detailed inventory lists.

Impress your clients

Don’t wait for your clients to report network outages. Proactively monitor and quickly remediate network issues.

Companies that use Auvik software

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Optimize efficiency with automation, network visibility, and great support

Simplify network performance monitoring & troubleshooting

Respond to network issues in real-time. Dive deep into problems with Syslog. Your users will always be connected to the business-critical resources they need to do their job.

Ensure privacy & security are never compromised

Ensure only authorized users make changes to the network. Leverage 2FA, permission configurations, audit logs, and more.

Raves & Reviews from MSPs

MSPs across the world choose Auvik as their network monitoring and management software—see why they love us.

Auvik helped speed up network troubleshooting

“The initial setup was straightforward. It was very simple, we installed the agent and let it scan out of the box. It takes under ten minutes for Auvik to start network mapping once the collector is implemented.”

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Three Products, One Goal: Total Network Transparency

Manage more than your traditional network. Take control of your Wifi and SaaS ecosystem too.

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SaaS Management


Uncover, manage, and secure your SaaS ecosystems.

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Network Management


True network visibility and control in under an hour.

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Wi-Fi Management


Ensure peak performance and security from your enterprise’s Wi-Fi network.