Monitor all your IT assets from a unified dashboard.

Auvik Makes MSP Network Monitoring Easy

Proactively monitor clients with Auvik’s MSP management software, right out of the box.

As businesses continue to shift to the cloud, they are turning to MSPs to handle scale, visibility, and security. Auvik’s cloud-based software is the perfect partner for MSP network monitoring. It’s incredibly user-friendly, and can be deployed in under an hour to all your clients, customized to their needs.


Proactive, Profitable MSP Network Management

Simplify Monitoring

Simplify network performance monitoring & troubleshooting

Respond to network issues in real-time and dive deep into problems with syslog so your users are always connected to the business critical resources they need to do their job.


Back Up Configurations

Automate configuration backup & recovery

Sleep easy knowing you have access to up-to-date device configurations, a snapshot of all historical configs, and the ability to export or restore a configuration with ease.


Maximize Security

Put privacy & security first

Leverage 2FA, permission configurations, audit logs, and more to ensure only authorized users make changes to the network.


Simplify MSP Network Monitoring and Troubleshooting

  • Automate network tasks while managing network equipment
  • Streamline operations without scaling your team
  • Efficiently manage risk with Auvik TrafficInsights
  • Strengthen client relationships by boosting productivity and profitability

Automate Network Tasks

  • Increase your efficiency with automated network discovery, inventory and backups.
  • Know when the network changes thanks to pre-configured and customizable alerts.
  • Stay consistent across your equipment with device-agnostic programming.
  • See when stray devices and network loops appear with real-time mapping.

Streamline My Operations

  • Enable your whole team to monitor with a simple and user-friendly dashboard.
  • Make device management easy with out-of-box configurations and integrations.
  • Reduce the number of on-site visits needed with easy remote access.
  • Provide insight that support can also use, with a visual interface.

Efficiently Manage Risk

  • See issues before they become client downtime thanks to over 50 customizable alerts.
  • React to any issue with expertise, thanks to centralized information.
  • Have proof when the network isn’t at fault—clear, concise logs will show it.
  • Monitor for bottlenecks and security risks with deep TrafficInsights.

Strengthen Client Relationships

  • Assess and quote new clients with a visual network representation.
  • Master new environments and networks with true visibility and control.
  • Keep clients up to date with reports that show the value you provide.
  • Recommend business cases for network upgrades using real data.

Raves & Reviews from MSPs

MSPs across the world choose Auvik as their network monitoring and management software—see why they love us.