Remote Network Management Software

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In App Terminal

In-app Terminal

Manage a network device from wherever you have internet access

Auvik’s in-app terminal allows you to securely access any SSH or Telnet-enabled device through Auvik’s web interface with one click.

Remote Browser

Log into any device’s web interface from your Auvik dashboard

The Auvik remote browser allows you to connect to the web interface of any device in your Auvik inventory using HTTP or HTTPS as if you were local to the device.

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Remote Tunnel steps

Remote Tunnel

Access any service on any port on a device without needing to be in the same room

Auvik uses the collector to establish a tunnel between the device you’re using and the remote device you want to access. The tunnel gives you flexibility—any network protocol can be piped through the tunnel, so you can remotely access any service using a network port.