“Simply put, the best company I have ever worked for.”

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We pulled this praise from an employee’s Glassdoor review. It’s a phrase you’ll hear repeated a lot at Auvik.


Because at Auvik, you’ll find leaders with true vision, ground-breaking technology projects, incredibly smart teammates, a visible appreciation for talent... and a whole lot of fun.

Here’s just a taste of what we have to offer:

  • Apples. Macbook Pros and 27” monitors are standard issue.
  • Appreciation. Special treats on your work anniversary and birthday. Random ice cream days. Custom Lego statues to track your tenure. Shared wins. It’s the little day-to-day things that make you feel great.
  • Assholes (none). Seriously. No assholes—it’s Rule 6 of the Auvik Way. “Life’s too short to work with jerks,” says our CEO.
  • Brains. The people here are smart and great at what they do. It makes for stimulating work. But perhaps the best part of working with all these big brains is the excellent conversation.

  • Compensation. Competitive salaries, full benefits plus a health spending account, and a minimum three weeks vacation for all.
  • Desks. Stand up or sit down—it’s your choice with a combination desk. Or spend some time on a treadmill desk to keep the blood pumping.
  • Flexibility. Leaving early to pick up your daughter from daycare? Coming in late because you’re getting new tires put on your car? No problem. You can work from home sometimes too.
  • Juice. Free drinks and tasty snacks, of course. But also the boost that comes from working on exciting projects with talented colleagues.
  • Heart. These are the 7 principles we embrace in everyday life at Auvik. Read them, because you’ll live them while you’re here.

  • Leadership. Our leadership team has been there, done that—successfully. They have vision, and the experience to make that vision real. In other words, steady hands on the tiller.
  • Lunch. Every Wednesday, the whole team gets together to talk and catch up. A highlight of the week.
  • Ownership. Every role comes complete with Auvik stock options. We’re all owners.
  • Personalities. We’ve got a standup comedian on the team. A jazz trombonist who plays in a swing band. A champion powerlifter. A cyclist who crossed Canada on two wheels. A Scrabble champ and game show contestant. A tae kwon do second-degree black belt. In short, people who do really interesting stuff. We’re fun to hang out with at parties.

  • Pride. In work well done, challenges solved, a welcoming workplace, your co-workers. It shows, and not just in the company hoodies. You can feel it when you work here.
  • Standup. Every day, we all share what we’re working on. We see each other and learn about each other. No one gets left behind.
  • Technology. We’re working on something truly special here, something no other company has done because it’s hard. Which makes it even sweeter when you hear how much customers love it.

What does Auvik do?

Auvik is a venture-backed company making software that's changing the way IT networks are managed. We're solving the problems of network complexity so our customers don't have to.

Oh, and if you’re wondering about the name, auviq is an Inuit word for a block of snow used in building an igloo. In other words, it’s a foundational building block, rather like a component in a network.

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