Are you excited by a good challenge?

Come work with us on building the world’s best network operations system.

Auvik is a venture-backed startup making software that’s changing the way IT networks are managed.

Awesome or bust—those are words we live by. We’re headed all the way to the top and looking for people with the smarts, talent, and drive to join us. Are you up for it?

Auvik bear at laptop

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8 reasons you’ll love working at Auvik

You get great gear

Macbook Pro? Check. 27” monitor? Yep. All the software tools you need to get the job done? Of course. Nerf gun. Oh yeah.

We’ve got a cool space

Our office features big windows to let the light in, welcoming lounge spaces, loads of purple everything, and a bunch of cool art. How many other companies do you know with original Chris Austin graffiti on their walls?

We're an asshole-free zone

Seriously. It’s in the rules. (The other 6 rules are pretty good too. You should check ‘em out.)

There’s a workstation for every style.

You’ll have a regular desk, natch. But you can also work at one of the standing desks, treadmill desks, beanbag chairs, comfy couches, or kitchen tables anytime you want.

You’ll have skin in the game

Every gig comes complete with Auvik stock options. We’re all owners.

There's free beer on tap

It’s in the kitchen, along with all the pop, juice, cappuccino, and tasty snacks you can handle. Oh, and there’s free lunch every Wednesday.

Our founders are seasoned pros.

Our trio of fearless leaders has been there, done that — successfully. David is the ex-CTO of software for BlackBerry. One of Marc’s previous companies was sold to Cisco for a cool half-billion dollars. Another of his companies is still a thriving publicly traded firm. And Alex developed a product line from conception to multi-million dollar sales.

We're flexible

We have core office hours but around those we’re flexible. If you need to leave early to pick up your daughter from daycare or come in late because you’re getting new tires put on your car — no problem. If you need to work from home the odd day or two, that’s OK too. We want your commitment and your brain power, not your punch card.

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