Auvik system security

Auvik’s network management system is built with safeguards in mind.

The collector

Most of Auvik runs in the cloud. We also use a collector that you install on a client’s network. This collector is how we see and securely communicate with your network.

Data isolation

When you install the Auvik collector on a network, it’s uniquely configured to be associated only with your account. There’s no way another Auvik customer account can communicate with a collector you’re using, either accidentally or purposefully.


Information such as device credentials and configuration data are encrypted using AES-128. They’re decrypted and made available to the system only as needed for delivering product features.

Secure data centers

Auvik servers are kept in secure, state-of-the-art data centers with electronic surveillance, multi-factor access control, and 24-7 security guard protection. The data centers are ISO 28001 and ISO 9001 certified and undergo regular SOC 1 audits.

Auvik Networks security

Download the Auvik Networks System Security white paper

Our security white paper outlines the type of network information we collect, how it’s collected, and how it’s stored. You’ll learn about the security protocols we follow to keep the networks you manage safe.

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