Easily Deploy Auvik in Minutes

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Deploy and use Auvik from anywhere

Auvik’s software can be accessed from a web browser and, since it’s cloud-based, you’ll receive automatic upgrades and unlimited storage. No maintenance or patches required.

Lightweight Collector

Avoid costly equipment and site visits during setup

Most of Auvik runs in the cloud, but to access and communicate with your environment, we use a collector that runs on your client’s network. The collector is available through an OVA installation, bash installation, or as a lightweight Windows service.

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Support diverse networks with ease

Auvik works out of the box with any device that supports SNMP, CLI, rest APIs, cloud APIs, and more, meaning it’s compatible with over 15,000 network device types from more than 700 vendors. When it’s deployed, Auvik works with whatever network gear you already have and eliminates the need for your techs to get to know every different operating system and languages across devices.

Visual Design

Enable your entire team to solve network issues

With simplified visuals and an intuitive design, Auvik can be used by anyone—it doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced network engineer or you’re just starting out in your networking career. There’s no steep learning curve and you don’t need to be a product expert to make the most out of all the awesome product features.

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