Boost your productivity and efficiency with
Auvik integrations and APIs

Auvik’s network monitoring and management software integrates with many popular IT service management and business tools to give you full access to real-time network data all in one spot. Check out our ever-growing list of integrations and APIs below.


Sync with ArcusTeam to enhance your Auvik device inventory data with a vulnerability-based risk score.

Autotask PSA

Automatically sync Auvik inventory to configurations in Autotask PSA, and bi-directionally sync tickets.


Sync network inventory data into your BrightGauge dashboards for easy visual reporting on network metrics.

Captain’s Chair

Sync network inventory and alert data from Auvik into automated Captain’s Chair reports on assets and work completed.


Sync network inventory and alert data from Auvik to ConnectWise tickets and allow those tickets to be managed through Slack or Microsoft Teams.


Sync Auvik network inventory into your CloudRadial portal for automated reporting of the assets you manage.

ConnectWise Automate

See Auvik maps & dashboards, and access Auvik MSP administration functions directly within ConnectWise Automate.

ConnectWise Manage

Automatically sync Auvik inventory to configurations in ConnectWise Manage, and bi-directionally sync tickets.


Automatically sync tickets between Auvik & Continuum.


Automatically create a ticket from any Auvik alert, and send status changes back to Auvik as tickets are updated in Freshdesk.

Global Dash

Automatically sync network alerts from Auvik into Global Dash.


Automatically sync status changes made in iLert back to Auvik, and route Auvik alerts through iLert for processing to the right team members.


Automatically sync network and endpoint inventory data from Auvik into ITBoost.

IT Glue

Automatically sync network inventory data for from Auvik
into IT Glue.


Automatically sync network inventory information from Auvik into Liongard’s Roar.

Microsoft Teams

Send any Auvik alert to a Microsoft Teams channel.

Microsoft Teams

Sync Auvik alert notifications from Auvik to Opsgenie for further route processing to make sure the right person on your team is receiving alerts.


Fetch device inventory from Auvik and perform automated warranty lookups so you always know where your network infrastructure stands.


Automatically create an incident from any Auvik alert, and send status changes back to Auvik as incidents are updated in ServiceNow.


Automatically create an incident in PagerDuty from any Auvik alert, and have those incidents auto-resolve in PagerDuty if the Auvik alert clears.


Sync Auvik alerts to PagerTree for route processing to the right team members.


Automatically sync rich network device inventory information from Auvik into Passportal.


Send any Auvik alert to a Slack channel.

Auvik webhook

Create custom integrations for alert notifications using a generic incoming webhook.

Auvik APIs

At Auvik, we’re huge advocates for APIs—application programming interfaces—and the powerful, automated workflows made possible by them.

The Auvik APIs allow you to pull various data points from Auvik and integrate them into a third-party application or use the data yourself.

These are the Auvik APIs currently available. Watch for more to follow throughout 2020.

Alert History API

Pulls alert history for a trailing time period or a specific interval between two specified date-and-time pairs.

Credentials API

Verifies your credentials are correct before making a call to an endpoint.

Inventory API

Pulls inventory information on devices such as names, IP addresses, interfaces, firmware versions, configurations, and more.

Tenants API

Shows you if you have access to sites or multi-sites associated with your Auvik user account.

Usage API

Pulls a summary of a site’s usage for a given time range to help you calculate customer invoices or department chargebacks.

Auvik Technology Partner Program

Work with us! Join Auvik’s Technology Partner Program to give your customers access to rich, real-time network data and get support while you’re developing your Auvik integration.