Growing MSP uncovers huge service efficiencies with network infrastructure RMM

Discover how Network Doctor, a growing MSP, achieved huge service efficiencies and maintained high uptime with Auvik’s Network Infrastructure RMM tool.

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Network Doctor saw a number of benefits with Auvik Network Management

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Pinpointing issues

Auvik’s Network Infrastructure RMM tool helped Network Doctor quickly identify where a network was going down and how to bring it back up to fix it, resulting in dramatically faster troubleshooting.

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Increased efficiency

With Auvik, Network Doctor became more proactive and was able to react faster, eliminating excess chatter from their reports and providing only specific, actionable information. This resulted in greater efficiency and time savings.

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Streamlined onboarding

Auvik helped Network Doctor streamline their onboarding process for new clients by providing a clear network map that anyone in their office could understand. This resulted in a smoother onboarding experience for clients.

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Greater client satisfaction

By maintaining high uptime and providing a “white glove” level of service, Network Doctor’s clients experienced greater satisfaction with their IT services. This resulted in increased loyalty and positive word-of-mouth referrals for the company.

Network Doctor

Network Doctor is a growing managed services provider (MSP) focused on providing a “white glove” level of service to its 80 clients. “One of our main goals is to be proactive to help our clients maintain the highest possible amount of uptime,” says Andrew Kropf, who heads up the company’s network and data center operations, including all of Network Doctor’s cloud offerings.

Network Doctor’s existing network monitoring tool wasn’t up to the task. “Our previous solution wasn’t telling us about new equipment being added to the network so we weren’t fully up to date on the client’s environment, and we couldn’t see what was connected where,” says Andrew. “It wasn’t doing discovery or initial auditing. Onboarding took a lot of time because we had to physically find the equipment. We also had to manually input all the inventory into ConnectWise, our PSA tool, once we found it.”

That’s when Andrew discovered Auvik. “Our decision to purchase Auvik was an easy one because it offered a lot of functionality that we had been looking for for a while,” he says.


“Since using Auvik for our onboarding process, it’s taken a lot of what was a manual process and automated it. It has cut our onboarding time by at least 75%.”

Andrew Kropf, infrastructure & solutions manager at Network Doctor.

Infrastructure & solutions manager at Network Doctor.

How Auvik helped

Faster, easier implementation

Network Doctor needed to rip out its existing monitoring tool and replace it with Auvik across its client base. A daunting task? Not at all, thanks to Auvik’s fast, easy deployment.

“Any time you’re making a big change, you’re always concerned about causing any disruption or impact to the client or your system. That wasn’t the case with Auvik,” says Andrew.

“It was seamless, it was quick, and we were able to act on the information immediately, providing new information to clients that we didn’t have previously. It was a very easy implementation. The whole process of rolling Auvik out only took 2 weeks.”

Dramatically faster onboarding

Prior to using Auvik, Network Doctor had to perform network inventory and assessments at the client’s site by manually tracing wires, hunting for hidden devices, and querying devices through their CLIs. Then all of that information had to be entered by hand into ConnectWise. Auvik changed all that.

“Auvik syncs with our PSA, which is ConnectWise. And that allows us to get a lot of information from the client’s environment. It allows us to sync our tickets and configurations.”

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Faster Troubleshooting

Ryan Contompasis is a managed solutions engineer at Network Doctor. He uses Auvik every day to manage the client networks under his care. “One of the biggest challenges we face day to day is trying to narrow down where a network fails,” says Ryan. “Say, if a firewall goes down, we didn’t know which firewall went down. Or if a switch went down, we don’t know which switch. Auvik helps us pinpoint where a network is going down and how we can bring it back up to fix it.”

Andrew adds that Auvik has drastically cut down Network Doctor’s ticket resolution time. “Auvik really helps us, especially our remote service team, when we’re trying to diagnose an issue. With Auvik, anybody in our office can quickly see a network map and understand how any piece of equipment at any client is connected,” he says. “That can be what iPhone is connected to what access point, or what PC is connected to what switch. Even if we’re trying to troubleshoot a bad cable or a bad link, we can do that with Auvik.”

Better visibility and control

Ryan adds that Auvik’s real-time network discovery, network mapping, and port mapping have had other positive effects in addition to slashing onboarding time.

“We have better visibility and control [of the network], and it helps us get organized with everything that’s changing,” says Ryan.

“If clients are adding things to the network without telling us, we know about it. We know when it’s added and we can get full configuration and statistics for that device. That means better knowledge of the client’s environment without going on-site. Auvik ensures we’re never caught flat-footed.”

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UI for Analyze Network Traffic

Efficiency and the way forward

Network Doctor’s goals over the next 12 months are to create efficiencies and improve on process. Auvik is playing a key role in reaching those goals. “With Auvik, we’ve become more proactive and are able to react faster,” says Andrew.

“Auvik helps us be more efficient by eliminating a lot of excess chatter from our reports and giving us actionable information—and only specific information that we want.”

We understand the challenges of MSPs and can help

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Give visibility into client environments

Auvik SaaS Management provides a unique level of insight over and above competitors to understand SaaS usage in detail.

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Save money on expensive resources

Replacing time-intensive manual processes with the click of a button, key team members have more time, saving you money.

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Increase overall efficiency

Driving operational time back to service delivery teams, by providing them with the solution they need to do their job efficiently.

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Combat Shadow IT and SaaS sprawl

Having such an insight into the software being used makes for much easier client discussions.

Network Doctor discovered huge service efficiencies with Auvik

Network Doctor is an MSP in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey focused on providing a “white glove” level of service to its 80 clients. One of their main goals is to help clients maintain the highest possible amount of uptime. Their existing network monitoring tool wasn’t up to the task. Then they discovered Auvik.