How TEKRiSQ uses Auvik SaaS Management to secure their customers’ usage of SaaS

Gain deeper business insights, provide faster customer assessments and tackle previously unseen risks with Auvik’s Automated SaaS Discovery

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TEKRiSQ saw a number of benefits with our Automated SaaS Discovery

Deeper insights for business strategy

Knowing insights beyond what is being used, such as shared & generic accounts, allowed TEKRiSQ to tighten up critical business security issues.

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A clear view of unseen risks

While most businesses are unaware of the risks that shadow IT can introduce, TEKRiSQ can now shine a light and continually improve its security posture.

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Faster customer assessments

With an employee-driven SaaS inventory, TEKRiSQ was able to displace guesswork & manual surveys, reducing time spent on assessments.

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Efficient client onboarding

Auvik automates time-consuming manual onboarding tasks, making for a much more streamlined and efficient onboarding and offboarding process.


TEKRiSQ is a new kind of cybersecurity company that helps small & medium-sized businesses (SMBs) make critical improvements to minimize technology risks. They help clients and trusted advisors address these issues which can be expensive and an enormous distraction to your core business.

The TEKRiSQ team is made up of knowledgeable, experienced technology professionals with strong expertise in IT, data security, software, and healthcare. They’re on a mission to transform SMB cybersecurity preparedness and simplify how organizations protect themselves.


“It’s an integral part of what we want to do with our clients. Employees often do the wrong thing, and they’ll continue to do the wrong things unless you can have a big bright flashlight on those things. [Auvik SaaS Management] tells us which systems people are using. It’s a problem if they’re outside the scope of the standard system provided by the company. That’s crucial because employees don’t necessarily protect their own systems adequately.”

Dean Mechlowitz CEO, TEKRiSQ


Needs and Challenges

TEKRiSQ needed a software solution focused on their unique type of organization. As they work with organizations ranging in size, they require a way to instantly scan an environment, detect cybersecurity concerns, and provide recommendations for improvement. A multi-tenant solution that their technology team could centrally manage was essential.

Secondarily, while running their assessments, they had visibility into all of the installed software on their workstations using their traditional remote monitoring & management systems. Visibility into these applications was helpful, but they needed insight into the applications where most employees spend their time during the day: SaaS.

SaaS is one of the fastest-growing pieces of IT in an organization’s stack; these types of applications often introduce new & unexpected security threats. TEKRiSQ needed to map out a customer’s software inventory beyond the installed applications to understand their customer’s environment truly.

Finally, TEKRiSQ needed a solution to help them discuss cybersecurity compliance with their customers. Whether it was HIPAA, PCI, CMMC, or any other compliance control groups, they needed something that could help check the box around user access & software access controls. Their clients not only needed the inventory & access logs to understand usage but to have a pathway toward removing unwanted and unsanctioned Shadow IT.

How Auvik solved these challenges

Automated Discovery of SaaS & Web-based Applications

TEKRiSQ initially relied on surveying employees with web forms to identify SaaS usage. These were only completed 20% of the time, with an estimate of 50% accuracy with many applications not self-reported posing significant security and business continuity risks to the organization. Implementing Auvik SaaS management enabled TEKRiSQ to gain centralized visibility and secure control over all SaaS applications & services on the market today. By monitoring their clients’ SaaS environment 24/7, TEKRiSQ can configure alerts about any unauthorized or high-risk applications used by employees or contractors, and take corrective action immediately.

Interface for creating an accurate software inventory
Interface showing application security log,

Advanced User Insights

Being able to take such a detailed look into the use of company infrastructure now allows TEKRiSQ to identify the usage of shadow IT file-sharing tools, productivity tools, and document systems that often housed the most critical and sensitive business information while being accessed in an unsecured manner. “The most valuable feature is identifying the various usernames used to log into apps that are critical in terms of data security,” said Dean Mechlowitz. “The visibility into logs is excellent. It tells you precisely which systems or applications folks are logging into, what usernames they’re using, and whether they’re using single sign-on. The reporting is essential, whether defined as the reports or the APIs to get the data out.”

Security Scoring & Compliance Alignment

One of TEKRiSQ’s major goals was to understand how far an organization has deviated from compliance and Auvik’s SaaS Management drives the visibility required to meet many industry-standard compliance requirements. Establishing and maintaining a software inventory for their customers allowed for advanced management with the assignment of responsible stakeholders. This created a list of authorized and unauthorized software, and with the username capture component, Auvik was able to help establish and maintain an inventory of accounts.

SaaS Health Score

We understand cybersecurity challenges and can help

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Create accurate risk profiles

Having an automated discovery of SaaS & web-based applications improves both speed and accuracy when painting a picture of client systems.

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Meet client compliance needs

Inventory and access logs allow a deep understanding of unsanctioned Shadow IT usage across the board giving a clearer view into previously unseen risks.

Provide user access solutions

Advanced user security insights allow for the creation of pathways to remove unauthorised Shadow IT applications.

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Configure 24/7 high-risk alerts

With 24/7 monitoring, alerts can be configured about any high-risk applications used by employees or contractors to enable immediate corrective action.