Smarter healthcare network management

Auvik makes healthcare network management seamless, and keeps the network thriving.

We understand the challenges of healthcare networks and can help

The healthcare sector network topology is uniquely complex. Patchwork visibility into multiple networks makes monitoring and compliance an ongoing challenge. Auvik can help break down those silos. With high visibility, performance monitoring and detailed logs, you’ll have network control like never before.

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Relieve the pressure

Modern healthcare is reliant on technology. That means your team is under enormous pressure. Auvik can help.

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Move faster

Medical teams need working networks. With 50+ out-of-the-box alerts and a real-time network map, you can solve issues faster.

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Ensure privacy

In healthcare, patient privacy is a top priority. Auvik will help you maintain your key security frameworks with supporting visibility.

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Improve performance

Patients have high expectations for medical care and medical staff expect their network to be fast and reliable. Auvik can help you deliver.

Companies that use Auvik software

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Optimize efficiency with automation, network visibility, and great support

Automate network tasks

  • Improve network visibility with automatic network discovery and inventory.
  • Backup configurations for compliance and security.
  • Stay consistent across your equipment with our device agnostic system.
  • Know when the network changes, thanks to pre-configured and custom alerts.
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Streamline operations

  • Support network pros and new technicians alike, with a user-friendly dashboard.
  • Scan and search for issues with an easy-to-use performance dashboard.
  • Eliminate multiple offline applications that duplicate features found in Auvik.
  • Simplify managing access compliance requirements for reporting and retention.

Efficiently manage risk

  • Monitor health-critical networks proactively with one centralized system.
  • Receive customized alerts automatically when anything on the network changes.
  • Keep critical configurations backed up automatically in case of emergencies.
  • Improve end-user experience, and even patient outcomes, with connectivity.
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Discover how Auvik helps you manage your healthcare network.

Auvik can help you adapt to shadow networks, new devices, and distributed working.

Three Products, One Goal: Total Network Transparency

Manage more than your traditional network by also taking control of your SaaS and Wifi ecosystem

SaaS Management


Uncover, manage, and secure your SaaS ecosystems.

Network Management


True network visibility and control in under an hour.

Wi-Fi Management


Ensure performance and security from your enterprise’s Wi-Fi network.