MSP earns customer trust with network insights from Auvik

Auvik helped ITque with faster troubleshooting by providing network insights that allowed them to fix issues before they affected customers.

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ITque saw a number of benefits with Auvik Network Management

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Faster Troubleshooting

Auvik’s network insights allowed ITque to quickly identify and solve issues, saving them valuable time and resources.

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Improved Efficiency

With Auvik, ITque was able to streamline their processes and work more efficiently, allowing them to take on more clients and grow their business.

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Increased Customer Satisfaction

By fixing issues before they affected customers, ITque was able to improve overall satisfaction and build stronger relationships with their clients.

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Competitive Advantage

Auvik’s detailed and intuitive platform helped ITque stand out from competitors, proving their expertise and winning new business.

About ITque

ITque has been offering full-service outsourced IT for small and mid-sized businesses in Silicon Valley since 2011. The company’s five technicians, including DJ Forman, co-founder and CTO, serve about 90 clients. Roughly 80% of the work is in managed services, while the rest is project work.

The company’s goal for 2016: 65% revenue growth. How do they plan to achieve it? By creating streamlined processes and repeatable outcomes around everything in the business, and leveraging great tools.


“Auvik definitely helps us secure the coveted position of trusted advisor. It allows us to diagnose network issues and offer insights where there weren’t any insights before.”

DJ Forman

Co-founder and CTO, ITque

How Auvik helped

Streamlined Processes

ITque plans to add more clients yet keep their technician numbers relatively steady, and maintain—or increase—their quality of service. “It’s not about overloading techs with unreasonable demands,” says Forman. “The goal is to provide a heroic level of service to the most companies with the fewest people.”

“If we can resolve an issue in three people hours, then we should be able to create a process that brings that down to two hours, then one hour,” he says.
“Then we look at automating it so it can be applied across customers at scale. It truly is about working smarter instead of harder.”

Interface for viewing performance logs.
UI for Analyze Network Traffic

Faster Troubleshooting

Before using Auvik, the team’s biggest challenge was triaging support issues, funnelling them to the appropriate level of troubleshooting in the fastest amount of time, then solving the issues quickly.

“Traditionally, customers claiming ‘the network is slow’ has been a huge wormhole,” says Forman. “Where do you even start trying to figure that out? Being able to avoid the customer complaint altogether—because you fixed an issue before it affected them—is amazing. Auvik helps with that. If the call does come in, being able to determine root causes quickly is important. And Auvik helps with that too.”

“The bottom line is that the faster we can sniff out problems, the more efficient we can be. In that respect, Auvik is extremely valuable for troubleshooting network environments.”

Forman goes on to explain that he’s used many different network tools in the past. “What I’ve found to be very nice about Auvik is that it’s detailed and technical, but intuitive enough that I can visualize very specific information and troubleshoot complicated routing issues very quickly. During the two-week evaluation phase alone, Auvik saved us dozens, perhaps hundreds, of hours in troubleshooting time and proved to a prospect that we know what we are doing.”

Actionable Insight

In one situation, a client’s domain controllers were pinned at 75 to 100% CPU usage across all cores. They couldn’t run any diagnostics because the CPU was so busy that even just opening Explorer took 10 to 15 minutes to complete. Using Auvik, ITque examined SNMP data from the routers and switches showing network usage statistics per port on the switch stack, firewall, and routers. The numbers revealed that the client was never exceeding 10% of their total capacity at peak usage. Average usage showed 3 to 5% on the server ports. Clearly the issue was not network-based as the client had believed and had been troubleshooting for months with zero success. Turns out, the real culprit was a rogue anti-virus agent installed on the client’s servers. The client was impressed with the detective work and upgraded their service contract with ITque.

“We invest in our tools to win business, serve business, and keep business,” he adds. “Auvik is playing a big part in helping us reach our goals of bigger, more efficient growth.”

Improve Network Visibility and IT asset management

We understand the challenges of MSPs and can help

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Give visibility into client environments

Auvik SaaS Management provides a unique level of insight over and above competitors to understand SaaS usage in detail.

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Save money on expensive resources

Replacing time-intensive manual processes with the click of a button, key team members have more time, saving you money.

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Increase overall efficiency

Driving operational time back to service delivery teams, by providing them with the solution they need to do their job efficiently.

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Combat Shadow IT and SaaS sprawl

Having such an insight into the software being used makes for much easier client discussions.

ITque uses Auvik’s network insights to earn client trust