There is a story to tell, and Auvik is at its heart.

The explosion of remote working and software as a service is changing how companies do business and new technologies are needed to help them adapt.

The old corporate network is just a small part of the new reality. Auvik provides products that manage the entire network, no matter where it is.

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Auvik in a nutshell

Auvik offers three exceptional products to effortlessly control IT infrastructure at remarkable speeds,
both in and out of the office.

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Manage your network

True network visibility and
control in under an hour.

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Manage your SaaS apps

Uncover, manage, and secure
your Saas ecosystems.

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Manage your Wi-Fi

Ensure peak performance and security
from your enterprise’s Wi-Fi network.

Extraordinary growth from embracing change

Auvik has seen rapid and sustained growth since it was founded in 2011 thanks to changes in the workplace.


Auvik’s success is due to the dedication of over 300 employees worldwide.


We have over 3,600
active customers thanks to our ability to adapt to changing customer needs.


Our robust tech stack allows us to comfortably support over 6.7m devices with ample room to grow.


Investors love us with over
$290m raised through three rounds of funding.

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Organizations Face IT Challenges in Hybrid Workforce Management

“An Auvik Networks survey of 4,500 IT professionals across North America found that with the push toward distributed workforces, in-house IT professionals are facing stumbling blocks, including network visibility, management, and security.”

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Network visibility and security gaps due to remote work challenge IT

“Gaps in network visibility and security face the majority of IT teams, especially as remote and hybrid work continues, says the 2023 Network IT Management Report from Auvik.”

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Stepping Into the New Network Architecture

The COVID-19 pandemic led to the popularity of remote work, which in turn created a demand for cloud services. IT teams turned to SaaS and cloud services to help with employee productivity. However, this increase in cloud computing has changed the needs of the network, and its architecture is sure to need a makeover soon.

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