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What is Auvik?

Auvik is cloud-based software that’s changing how networks are managed.

Our software gives managed services providers (MSPs) instant visual insight into the infrastructure of their clients’ IT networks and automates complex and time-consuming network management tasks.

Put simply, Auvik is changing the capabilities and upgrading the efficiency of network management.

The problem we solve

Managing network infrastructure has traditionally been a very manual and time-consuming activity. Before Auvik, administrators were forced to log into network devices one by one using a command-line interface that most of us haven’t seen since DOS disappeared. They’d then type in arcane commands and try to make sense of the flood of data that came back.

Many network administrators still spend days (or weeks) manually drawing network maps — only to have them go out of date as changes are made to the network.

The CLI, unchanged for decades

How we solve it

Auvik dramatically simplifies the task of network management by making the software do the work.

Our system automatically:

  • Discovers a network and displays it as a visual map.
  • Inventories and documents every device, service, and configuration on a network in real-time.
  • Parses, analyzes, and visually displays data to reduce network troubleshooting time.
  • Allows remote access to any device on a network from a single screen.

With Auvik, hundreds of normally complex and time-consuming tasks are reduced to simple, automated steps. And it’s all done through a beautiful and easy-to-use interface.

Product screenshots

Download hi-res Auvik screenshots:

Auvik Network OperationsAuvik screenshot - LaptopAuvik screenshot - Debug OptionsAuvik screenshot - Remote Management

  Download .zip (1.8MB)

How we’re different

Traditional remote monitoring and management (RMM) tools manage devices that connect to the network, like servers and workstations. Network infrastructure — the components forming the underlying network — has been typically managed manually and reactively as issues occurred.

Automating the management of end user devices is great, but what happens when the network goes down and you can’t determine the cause?

Auvik offers comprehensive and proactive management of network infrastructure.

RMM software comparison:

  • No other system on the market provides the instant visualization and insight into network infrastructure that Auvik provides.
  • All of Auvik’s maps, inventories, and data are maintained in real-time. Most other software systems provide only snapshots in time, which means data quickly goes stale.
  • Thanks to Auvik’s intuitive and visual interface, using Auvik requires no huge learning curve.
  • Our software installs in about 15 minutes, compared to hours or even days for other systems.
  • Auvik’s monitoring comes completely pre-configured. Turn it on and it’s done. Compare this to days or weeks of complicated manual configuration to get other systems set up.
  • Auvik is made to manage an unlimited number of networks at once, all through a single dashboard.

The story behind our name (and how to pronounce it)

Auvik is pronounced AWE-vick.

Auviq (with a “q”) is an Inuit word for a block of snow used in building an igloo. In other words, it’s a foundational building block, rather like a component in a network.

 Auvik logo igloo

That’s the igloo right there.

Auvik bear at laptop

And this is Nanook, our polar bear mascot.

Logo files and other brand images

Includes hi-res images with transparent & white background versions.

Auvik Logo Auvik bear with cablesthumb_auvik_bear_with_laptop

  Download .zip (2MB)

Quick facts about the company

  • Auvik Networks Inc. was formed in 2011.
  • Our co-founders are Marc Morin, David Yach, and Alex Hoff.
  • We are headquartered in Waterloo, Canada.
  • We’re backed by venture capitalists OpenView, Celtic House, and Rho Ventures. We raised $6 million in April 2013, and a $15-million Series B round in 2017.


Auvik Founder Marc Morin

Marc Morin


  • Co-founder and chief executive officer, Auvik Networks


  • Co-founded Emforium Group Inc., served as president and CEO
  • Co-founded Sandvine (TSX:SVC), served as CTO
  • Co-founded PixStream, acquired by Cisco Systems for $554 million
  • Software engineer at HP from 1987 to 1996
  • Ba.Sc. Electrical Engineering, University of Waterloo
  • MBA, Wilfrid Laurier University

Areas of commentary:

Entrepreneurship, serial entrepreneurship, startups, the tech community in Waterloo (Canada), venture capital, leadership, network operations and management, network automation, software-defined networking, software as a service, software development.

Alex Hoff


  • Co-founder and chief product officer, Auvik Networks


  • Senior product manager at Sandvine, where he built the company’s Usage Management product line
  • Previous roles as a software engineer and manager of consulting system engineering at Sandvine
  • Started at Sandvine as an intern while getting his computer science degree
  • B.Math. Computer Science, University of Waterloo
  • MBA, Wilfrid Laurier University

Areas of commentary:

Network operations and management, network automation, intent-based networking, managed services, channel markets, software-defined networking, software as a service, cloud services, software development, the tech community in Waterloo (Canada), startup life.

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For more information or to book an interview, contact Jennifer Tribe, Auvik’s director of content marketing.

(519) 804-4700 x132
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