The Auvik Way is the heart of what we do

Auvik is on a quest to make the best darn network management system the world has ever seen. To succeed, we need to go well beyond good or even great. Our sights are set on phenomenal.

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To get us there, we’ve developed a set of operational principles to guide our thoughts and actions every day.

Be warned: These principles aren’t some fuzzy and meaningless mission statement. They aren’t empty platitudes. The rules of the Auvik Way can be seen on our walls. Every single team member knows them by heart. They’re how we judge our successes and failures.

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Wow Customers

Create unexpected and fantastic experiences. Exceed expectations.

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Be Agile

Fail fast, learn from mistakes, and take smart risks. 3/4 is better than 1/1.


Once you commit to something, it’s your responsibility.

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Shit happens.

Honesty, transparency, ownership: It may not be our fault, but it’s our problem.

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Kindergarten rules apply.

Share. Play fair. Show & tell. Don’t hit. Wash your hands. Don’t eat purple snow. Don’t back down from a double-dog dare.

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Winner takes all.

Awesome or bust. We’re building a great company that will deliver for our customers for years to come. Failure is not an option.

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No assholes.

Enough said!

Whether you join the team, use our product, invest in us, or simply track our journey, they are our promises to you.

This is the Auvik Way.