Visualize employee adoption of SaaS

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Automated Documentation

The Full Visibility You Need Across All of your Business Applications.

This feature enables IT teams and administrators to gain insights into the usage, performance, and security of all their business applications, whether they are desktop applications, SaaS applications, or cloud services. By consolidating information from multiple sources and platforms, Auvik SaaS Management provides a unified dashboard that presents key metrics, usage patterns, and trends across the application landscape.

With this full visibility, organizations can effectively manage their application inventory, optimize resource allocation, identify potential security risks, and make informed decisions about their business applications. By having a complete view of their application environment, organizations can enhance operational efficiency, improve performance, and ensure a secure and well-managed application ecosystem.

SaaS Inventory & SaaS Health Score

Generate Powerful Quarterly Business Reviews For Your Clients.

Quarterly business reviews are essential to managing SaaS environments. Review QBR notes, top ten managed/un-managed applications, shadow IT, user-risks, and SaaS overlap in a single report. Establish a cadence internally to review the business reviews with business stakeholders to make sure you’re maintaining the management of your SaaS inventory and staying compliant. Introduce business process to review of top ten shadow IT on a quarterly basis to ensure newly adopted tools don’t emerge under your guise.

Auvik SaaS Management interface for generating quarterly business reports
Auvik SaaS Management software interface for managing apps for employees on-boarding and off-boarding

Security Logs

Amplify Your Employee Onboard & Offboard Lifecycle

By leveraging Auvik SaaS Management, organizations can ensure consistency and efficiency in managing the entire employee lifecycle. It enables HR and IT teams to collaborate effectively, automate workflows, and maintain control over user access. This helps minimize security risks, ensure compliance with data privacy regulations, and safeguard organizational assets.

Auvik SaaS Management provides a comprehensive view of employee access and accounts across different SaaS applications, supporting auditing and compliance reporting. It ensures that organizations have full visibility into user access, enabling IT managers to track and manage users effectively. Enhance data security, reduce administrative burden, and foster a seamless transition for employees, ultimately contributing to improved operational efficiency and a better employee experience.