Network visibility and documentation

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screenshot - Discovery And Mapping

Discovery & Mapping

Know exactly what’s on the network and how it’s all connected in real-time

Auvik pulls data from sources like CDP, LLDP, and forwarding tables to meticulously model the Layer 1 network diagram. Layers 2 and 3 are built from ARP tables, IP assignments, and VLAN associations to show you exactly what’s on the network, where it is, and how it’s connected.

Inventory & Documentation

Get full details for every device on the network

Auvik’s automated inventory uses network protocols to detect and capture full details for every device on the network including make and model, serial number, IP address, and the physical switchport the device is connected to. If you know which device you’re looking for but don’t know where it’s located, you can easily find the device and every other device it’s connected to using intelligent search.

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screenshot - Hardware Lifecycle Data

Hardware Lifecycle Data

Easily identify devices that need to be upgraded or replaced

Auvik pulls lifecycle data from supported devices to show you whether they’re on current or expired support contracts, whether there are more up-to-date software versions available, if devices are eligible to receive critical security updates, and if devices are still available for purchase.