Manufacturing network monitoring software that just works

Auvik makes remotely managing legacy systems and detecting operational issues easy.

How Auvik improves network monitoring for manufacturing

Auvik enables you to see a full picture of your manufacturing systems and initiate a proactive approach to managing the network. With device monitoring and automated documentation, you’ll minimize downtime and maximize productivity. Start automating your documentation and config backups today, and get ahead of the network issues of tomorrow. Get network management that’s easy and reliable.

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Automate visibility

Complete your network picture with automated network discovery, inventory, and documentation that updates in real-time as the network evolves.

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Navigate easily

Quickly see the big network picture, narrow down possible devices to investigate, and zoom in to get the info you need.

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Manage proactively

Easily identify network trends and events with Auvik TrafficInsights and give your administrators the edge in the management of regulatory and compliance needs.

Companies that use Auvik software

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Optimize efficiency with automation, network visibility, and great support

Automate network tasks

  • Out-of-the-box alerting lets you know when something changes on the network.
  • Automated Syslog retention helps administrators quickly remediate issues.
  • Integrated device documentation and discovery keep your network map current.
  • Automated configuration backups help meet regulatory and compliance needs.
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Streamline operations

  • Avoid bottlenecks thanks to traffic monitoring features TrafficInsights.
  • Improve operational efficiencies with KPIs and customizable dashboards.
  • Manage legacy and current devices from a single, consolidated source.
  • Unify disparate networks into a single view.

Manage proactively

  • Know immediately when issues arise with 50+ customizable network alerts.
  • Troubleshoot quickly in an emergency thanks to improved visibility.
  • Compare old and new configurations side by side when corrections are needed.
  • Have a single source of information for compliance reports and external experts.
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Discover how Auvik helps you manage your manufacturing network

Auvik can help you adapt to shadow networks, new devices, and distributed working.

Three Products, One Goal: Total Network Transparency

Manage more than your traditional network by also taking control of your SaaS and Wifi ecosystem

SaaS Management


Uncover, manage, and secure your SaaS ecosystems.

Network Management


True network visibility and control in under an hour.

Wi-Fi Management


Ensure performance and security from your enterprise’s Wi-Fi network.