Boost your bottom line with Auvik

“Auvik’s value comes in the speed of response. ... The faster we can get an issue fixed, not only is the client back up and running and happier, but we're more profitable.”
Robinson Roca, Helient Systems LLCRobinson Roca, Helient Systems LLC

Pay only for network infrastructure.
Everything else is free.

Auvik pricing plans scale based on the total number of billable devices on the client networks you choose to manage—the more devices you manage, the less they cost.

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Pay only to manage routers, switches, firewalls, and Wi-Fi controllers. All other devices are managed for free.

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An average client you manage with Auvik will cost roughly $30 - $60 per month.


Choose your client types

Manage an unlimited number of clients in Auvik.

Essentials clients

All the core functionality of Auvik including network mapping, monitoring, and management.

Performance clients

All the core functionality of Auvik, plus full network traffic visibility with Auvik TrafficInsights.


Choose your onboarding

Pick the package that works for your team.

Standard Onboarding

includes a dedicated onboarding manager, a series of onboarding meetings, self-serve training, and a dedicated partner success manager.

Onboarding Plus

includes everything in Standard Onboarding plus enhanced project management and training.

Make money, save money with Auvik

“Auvik helps us make money and save money. Not only do we use it to generate revenue and leads with network assessments, but we’ve also been able to replace tools and be more efficient. Where we would normally have to use a particular skillset and do things by hand, we’re now able to drop that down two or three levels and take less time to do it.”

– Zach Evans, Sophisticated Systems

“I save at least three times what I pay for Auvik every month in troubleshooting and resolving issues because it takes a lot less time. I have greater visibility and I don't have to send somebody out every time I have a problem.”

– Luis Alvarez, Alvarez Technology Group

“There are so many features and tools that Auvik is better than a Swiss Army knife for IT. … I have used many other products similar to Auvik but this is the best for price and performance.”

– Jeff Hauser, Innovative Integration

Auvik pricing FAQs

What devices does Auvik bill for?

There are only 4 types of billable devices: Routers, switches, firewalls, and physical Wi-Fi controllers.

All other devices are managed for free including servers, workstations, managed access points, phones, tablets, hubs, network storage, printers, copiers, hypervisors, virtual appliances, unmanaged switches, bridges, uninterruptable power supplies, telecommunications, chassis, load balancers, and packet processors.

How is usage calculated?

Your usage equals the total number of billable devices you’re managing in Auvik for Essentials and Performance clients each month. We count the billable devices across your client networks daily. A billable device is counted for the day if it’s online for more than one hour in the 24-hour period. At the end of the month, we average the daily tallies to arrive at your billable device number—or usage—for the month.

What’s your cancellation policy?

You can cancel at any time. Your service will continue to the end of the current billing cycle, then stop.

How am I billed?

Once you subscribe, your monthly subscription fee is charged in advance each month. Any usage over your monthly subscription amount is charged at the end of the billing cycle.

What happens if one of my billable devices goes offline? Am I still charged?

If a device is offline in Auvik for more than 23 hours in a day, it doesn’t count towards your usage for that day.

What currencies are available?

Auvik offers billing in US dollars, Canadian dollars, Australian dollars, British pounds, or euros. Please talk to your account manager for currency details.

Is there sales tax?

If you’re in Canada, HST or GST will be added to your subscription amount, depending on your province or territory. If you’re in the United States, state sales tax may apply. If you have a tax exemption, please provide the certificate to your Auvik account manager when you start your subscription.

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