Increase efficiency, reduce risk & grow your profits with better network management

“My favorite part is how fast our techs can diagnose an issue, make a resolution, and move on. In our business, particularly managed services, time is everything. So the more efficient we can be, the quicker a tech can resolve an issue and move on to the next service ticket, then that’s profit for us.”
Rob Naragon, CEO, ITqueRob Naragon, CEO, ITque

Auvik pricing plans start at $500/month and scale based on the total number of managed network devices across your client base.

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Pay only to manage routers, switches, firewalls, and physical Wi-Fi controllers. All other devices, including endpoints, access points, and printers, are managed for free.

“Auvik helps us make money and save money. Not only do we use it to generate revenue and leads with network assessments, but we’ve also been able to replace tools and be more efficient. Where we would normally have to use a particular skillset and do things by hand, we’re now able to drop that down two or three levels and take less time to do it.”
Zach Evans, Managing Director, Sophisticated SystemsZach Evans, Managing Director, Sophisticated Systems


Choose your client types

Manage an unlimited number of clients in Auvik.

Essentials clients

All the core functionality of Auvik including network mapping, monitoring, and management.

Performance clients

including network mapping, monitoring, and management, PLUS full network traffic visibility with Auvik TrafficInsights.


Choose your onboarding

Pick the package that works for your team.

Standard Onboarding

includes a dedicated onboarding manager, a series of onboarding meetings, self-serve training, and a dedicated partner success manager.

Onboarding Plus

includes a dedicated onboarding manager, a series of onboarding meetings, self-serve training, a dedicated partner success manager PLUS enhanced project management and training to make sure your team extracts full value from your investment in Auvik.

“I save at least three times what I pay for Auvik every month in troubleshooting and resolving issues because it takes a lot less time. I have greater visibility and I don't have to send somebody out every time I have a problem.”

– Luis Alvarez, President & CEO, Alvarez Technology Group

“Auvik’s value comes in the speed of response. ... The faster we can get an issue fixed, not only is the client back up and running and happier, but we're more profitable.”

– Robinson Roca, Practice Lead, Infrastructure Services, Helient Systems

“There are so many features and tools that Auvik is better than a Swiss Army knife for IT. … I have used many other products similar to Auvik but this is the best for price and performance.”

– Jeff Hauser, Innovative Integration

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