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Alert History

With Auvik’s Alert History API, you can pull alert history for a trailing time period into your own reporting tools. With the alert history visualized all in one place, you can analyze trends and identify problem devices.


Eliminate siloed and duplicate data from your workflow

Using Auvik’s Inventory API, you can pull important inventory information about devices—such as names, IP addresses, interfaces, firmware versions, and configurations—from Auvik, and move it into your own asset management system.

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Maintain accurate, up-to-date data across all of your systems

Need to bring Auvik data into your reporting tool to create customized management reports? Have all your monitoring solutions feeding a single NOC dashboard? The Statistics API gives you access to the same data that powers the dashboards in Auvik.


Create custom integrations for alert notifications

Do you use an ITSM that doesn’t have a pre-built two-way integration with Auvik? Use incoming webhooks to create tickets in any ITSM. Control which alerts should trigger the webhook. Update the Auvik alert with your ticket ID and close out the alert using the Dismiss Alert API for a 2-way sync.

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