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Automated Documentation

Learn About SaaS Vendor Security Incidents And Supply Chain Risks

Auvik SaaS Management can help organizations to stay informed and educated about SaaS vendor security incidents. It provides access to relevant information on security breaches, data breaches, unauthorized access, or other incidents that may impact the security of the organization’s SaaS ecosystem. By understanding these incidents, organizations can assess the security posture of their SaaS vendors, evaluate potential risks, and take appropriate measures to mitigate them.

In addition, the feature helps organizations identify and manage supply chain risks within their SaaS ecosystem. It provides insights into vulnerabilities that may arise from dependencies on third-party vendors, contractors, or partners involved in the supply chain. By understanding and addressing these risks, organizations can enhance their overall security and minimize potential disruptions caused by supply chain vulnerabilities.

SaaS Inventory & SaaS Health Score

Understand Changes on your Software Inventory Across Desktop, SaaS, and Business Applications

Using Auvik SaaS Management, organizations can gain a comprehensive understanding of changes happening in their software inventory landscape. Alerts are sent in real-time when new applications are discovered across different categories, enabling organizations to maintain an accurate and up-to-date software inventory record. This helps in maintaining compliance and regulatory requirements for organizations.

These alerts enable organizations to track changes in their software inventory across desktop, SaaS, and business applications based on risk of the shadow IT. By understanding changes in real-time businesses can thwart out high-risk shadow IT immediately before any additional risks . It allows organizations to identify any unauthorized or unapproved software installations, ensuring that all software in use is properly licensed and aligned with regulatory guidelines.

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Receive Real-Time Alerts on Risky User Behaviors.

Security Logs

Receive Real-Time Alerts on Risky User Behaviors.

Auvik SaaS Management can alert on risky behaviors include sharing login credentials, signing up for unauthorized services, or using service accounts to access software versus individual logins. By receiving real-time alerts, organizations can promptly identify and respond to risky user behaviors, mitigating potential security risks and reducing risk of data breaches. It enables IT and security teams to take immediate action, investigate the situation, and enforce appropriate security measures.

Additionally, real-time alerts enables organizations to demonstrate compliance with industry regulations and data privacy standards. It helps organizations proactively identify and address any potential non-compliance issues, ensuring adherence to internal policies and external regulatory requirements.