Auvik Legal


On this page you can access our standard legal terms and policies for visitors to our website and subscribers to our web-based software services. You can also access our privacy policy and link to our Trust Center for more information concerning our services and our use of data.

  • if you are here as a website visitor, select Website Terms of Site – you automatically agree to these terms by using the site
  • if you are a subscriber or user of our software services, including under a free trial, select Subscription Services Agreement (managed service providers, select the MSP version)
  • if you are not a subscriber, but have been invited to access our software services by a subscriber, select Terms of Service (User)
  • you can refer to the Region Specific Terms for the Auvik contracting entity and for local governing law and arbitration terms for subscribers and users
  • you may access prior versions of our terms through our Trust Center

What’s new?

Effective August 1, 2023, we introduced local contracting for US subscribers. We have added Region Specific Terms and made conforming edits to our other agreements to reflect this new approach. We have also updated our Customer Support Policy to reflect longer support hours.