Visualize key information about your SaaS environment

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Auvik Saas Management interface screenshot

Automated Documentation

Automate the documentation of all of your desktop, SaaS, cloud, and business applications in one place

Auvik SaaS Management automates the process of documenting and updating the application inventory. It continuously monitors the application landscape, ensuring that any changes and additions, are accurately reflected in the inventory.

This automation eliminates the need for manual tracking and ensures that the documentation remains up to date. This repository serves as a single source of truth for the organization’s application inventory, making it easy to access and manage information about all the applications from one location.

SaaS Inventory & SaaS Health Score

Action Your SaaS Inventory with a powerful SaaS Health Score

Auvik SaaS Management’s SaaS Health Score feature helps organizations take action on their application inventory by providing insights and recommendations for improvement. The SaaS Health Score is broken down into different categories, such as security, management, compliance, and account inventory.

This breakdown helps organizations understand the strengths and weaknesses of each application in specific areas, allowing them to address critical aspects of their application inventory based on their unique priorities and goals.

Auvik SaaS Management software interface showing a SaaS Health Score
Auvik SaaS Management software interface showing shared accounts for better security

Security Logs

Enhanced Security Logs to Empower Your IT’s Visibility

Auvik SaaS Management offers enhanced security logs that provide IT teams with comprehensive visibility into their application ecosystem. These logs capture and centralize security-related events and activities across the usage of SaaS applications, allowing IT administrators to monitor and analyze them effectively.

By leveraging these logs, IT teams can quickly identify security issues, shared account usage, personal access to corporate resources, or suspicious activities within their SaaS environment. The enhanced security logs also enable organizations to prioritize and investigate important security events promptly, ensuring a timely response and minimizing potential risks.