Growing rapidly by disrupting network management

Corporate networks are changing because of the explosion of remote working and SaaS applications.

While our competitors live in the past, we’ve grown rapidly by embracing the future.

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Auvik provides effortless control over your IT infrastructure at astonishing speed

Our products support a modern distributed network, but we’re only just warming up.
Expect more announcements in 2023.

Manage your network

True network visibility and
control in under an hour.

Manage your SaaS apps

Uncover, manage, and secure your
Saas ecosystems.

Manage your Wi-Fi

Ensure peak performance and security from your enterprise’s Wi-Fi network.

Extraordinary growth from embracing change

Auvik has seen rapid and sustained growth since it was founded in 2011 thanks to changes in the workplace.


Auvik’s success is due to the dedication of over 300 employees worldwide.


We have over 3,600
active customers thanks to our ability to adapt to changing customer needs.


Our robust tech stack allows us to comfortably support over 6.7m devices with ample room to grow.


Revered by investors with over
$290m raised through three rounds of funding.

From success to success

See how Auvik has grown over the years

Podcast crossed 100,000 downloads

Shifted the company to distributed work



Won HTG Rookie of the Year award

34 Employees


26 Employees

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Celebrated first paid subscriber with Baby Duck toast—a tradition is born


25 Employees

Launched beta networking monitoring & management product

Exited beta


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Introduction of our Polar Bear mascot!

Raised CAD$6M in Series A financing


Founded by Alex Hoff, Marc Morin, and David Yach

Alex Hoff
Marc Morin
David Yach


Revered by customers and investors alike


Auvik has a truly innovative approach to ITOps and has developed powerful software that IT teams not only enjoy using, but is essential to operations.

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Great Hill Partners


If you do anything with a network, you will see insurmountable value in this product in the same afternoon that you deploy the trial.

Cody Petersen

Network Administrator


The rapid deployment is great with quick network discovery. Auvik has allowed us to isolate network issues before they became problems.


Review from Gartner

An outstanding team

We’ve been fortunate enough to attract some of the greatest talents in their respective fields.
Here are just a few.

Doug Murray - CEO at Auvik Inc.

Douglas Murray

Chief Executive Officer

Doug Murray is the Chief Executive Officer of Auvik where he drives company strategy, culture, and growth. Murray has over 25 years of network and security industry experience, including two years as the CEO of cloud cyber security company Valtix (acquired by Cisco), as well as seven years as CEO of SDN pioneer Big Switch Networks (acquired by Arista Networks). He previously held leadership positions at Juniper Networks, Sun Microsystems and AT&T, and was a finalist for the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Northern California in 2017. Doug holds a BA in History from Colgate University and an MBA from Johns Hopkins University.

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