Auvik is network management for MSPs

About AuvikToday, businesses expect their IT networks to just work, kind of like electricity, silently functioning in the background.

And when networks don’t work, businesses grind to a halt.


Because with software applications and data now in the cloud, networks are the gateway to everything employees need to do their jobs.

Access to people, access to information—all of this relies on the network. And who do businesses call when their networks go down? Their IT managed service provider (MSP).

But until now, it’s been difficult for MSPs to manage their clients’ networks efficiently and effectively.

Networks are incredibly complex, and managing them has traditionally involved many
time-intensive manual tasks. Tasks like typing arcane commands into a command-line interface most of us haven’t seen since the ‘80s. Tasks like tracing wires by hand, manually drawing network maps, and backing up network device configurations.

What’s worse, there are few standards across the industry. Vendors manufacture many thousands of network device models that run on different operating systems and work in different ways. And people who can make sense of this complexity are hard to find, hire and retain.

Helping MSPs manage network complexity is what inspires us to jump out of bed every morning.

With Auvik, MSPs know about network issues before their clients. They can provide clients with strategic guidance to evolve their networks so they’re always fit for purpose. And they reduce business risk associated with the network.

Auvik’s cloud-based software reduces the complexity of managing a network to simple, automated steps.

For MSPs, this means network management becomes an efficient and profitable service. For businesses, it means they continue to rely on their MSP.

The entire world runs on networks. At Auvik, we’re doing our part to make sure it keeps running.

Who’s behind all this?

Auvik has three seasoned founders with real-world experience in networks, programming, security, and business leadership.

Auvik Founder Marc Morin

Marc Morin

Auvik co-founder and chief executive officer

Past experience. Co-founded Sandvine (TSX:SVC) and served as chief technology officer, developing the company’s vision and technology strategy. Co-founded PixStream, acquired by Cisco Systems for $554 million. Multiple roles from software consultant to business planner at Hewlett-Packard. Education. Ba.Sc. Electrical Engineering, MBA

Auvik Founder Alex Hoff

Alex Hoff

Auvik co-founder and chief product officer

Past experience. Senior product manager at Sandvine, where he built the company’s usage management product line. Education. B.Math. Computer Science, MBA.

Auvik Founder David Yach

David Yach

Auvik co-founder

Past experience. Chief technology officer at Auvik. Chief technology officer of software at BlackBerry (Nasdaq:BBRY; TSX:BB) until March 2012. Chief architect at Sybase, later acquired by SAP. Education. B.Math. Computer Science, MBA.


Auvik Investor: Openview Auvik Investor: Celtic House Auvik Investor: RHO Canada

This project is funded by the Government of Canada through the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario

What about that name?

Auviq (with a “q”) is an Inuit word for a block of snow used in building an igloo. In other words, it’s a foundational building block, much like a component in a network. Auvik is pronounced AWE-vick. Here’s a handy way to remember: AWE-vick makes network operations AWE-some.

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