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There’s more to Auvik than just an awesome network map. In fact, MSPs around the world use our network monitoring and management software to automate time-consuming tasks, streamline operations, grow revenue, mitigate risk, and strengthen client relationships. Wondering how Auvik can help your MSP do the same? Take a look below.

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Auvik’s topology map automatically updates in real-time to show you everything on the network, even when users move or shift equipment. It doesn’t matter what it is—if it’s on the network, you’ll always know where it currently sits and what it’s doing. No surprises.

Marshall Rownd, Datapath

“Having a live visual of a network saves us a ton of time. Our engineers would go onsite for a day or longer, and draw out a Visio-type map which became static information when it was done. That map would still be referred to years later, and someone would say, ‘Oh, that doesn’t exist anymore’ or ‘This has moved around and that’s not there.’ Now, we don’t have to do that.”

Marshall Rownd, ConnectWise Automate Administrator, Datapath

With over 50 pre-configured alerts tuned to industry best practices, Auvik notifies you immediately about anything unusual happening on your network. Even seemingly minor alerts—like packet discards, packet errors, and high interface utilization—may be pointing to a bigger issue that’s brewing. With this advanced warning, you can jump into action before small problems grow big, often before your users notice there’s an issue.

Martin Jones, LAN3

“Addressing problems before they become real issues is extremely powerful and has increased our standing… Auvik’s troubleshooting capabilities help expedite problem resolution, which makes me and my team look good.”

Martin Jones, Managing Director, LAN3

It would be ideal if every network device you managed was from the same manufacturer, but for most environments that’s simply not reality. It’s not unusual to manage upwards of 20 network vendors. Managing gear from multiple vendors is complex: It means understanding different operating systems, different languages, and more. But with Auvik’s support of more than 15,000 network devices from over 700 vendors, it doesn’t matter what gear you have—you can easily and efficiently manage it all from a single spot.

Ross Leisner, Systems Solution

“We’re looking at the same areas for the same kind of information across all vendors. We don’t have to worry about spinning up another appliance to manage this set of devices and that set of devices. We have one spot we go to to collate everything. … It’s nice to have that single pane of glass. I can’t stress enough the time savings and the peace of mind we have through Auvik.”

Ross Leisner, Data Center Engineer, Systems Solution

Manual configuration backups for network devices are so time-consuming, you might do them just monthly, quarterly—or not at all. That leaves a big hole in your recovery plans. With Auvik, configuration backups are automated. Every network device is continually polled for configuration changes. When a change is detected, a backup is automatically made. And every config version is stored in archive so you can easily compare. The version history also helps meet compliance requirements that require you to track and document all device changes.

Joe Pittman, JAD Technologies

“I don't have to have a tech guy go in and save a firewall configuration every month just to be safe. It's already being done automatically in Auvik. We don't have to worry about a checklist of things to do during the week. We know it's already taken care of. It's very good for efficiency.”

Joe Pittman, CTO, JAD Technologies

Network loops can take down an entire network in minutes. But one of the biggest problems with loops is that when the network becomes unusable, you often can’t log into the switches to dig into what’s wrong. Not to mention, manual investigation can take hours or days—because when the network goes down, you may not even know a loop is the culprit. Unless you have Auvik. Auvik automatically alerts you to changes in spanning tree, the Layer 2 protocol responsible for preventing loops. If a change is detected and you didn't initiate it, a storm could be coming your way. Auvik can also automatically identify broadcast storms. From there, the fix is usually fast.

Jake Bloedow, Thriveon

“We had a prospect that was having network trouble. They had another MSP there for about a week, spending 14 to 16 hours a day trying to fix the problem. We deployed Auvik at 4 p.m. By 5:30, we looked at the network map, saw there were two loops in the environment, called the client, had them unplug the two loops, and they were fixed.”

Jake Bloedow, vCIO, Thriveon

IoT devices can get added to a network without notice, cause unexpected performance issues, and serve as an attack vector for cybercriminals. With Auvik, you’ll always know about devices on the network because you’ll see anything with an IP address on the map. If a discovery protocol like SNMP or WMI is enabled on the device, you’ll also see its make, model, and vendor, and you’ll have in-depth access to data about how that device is performing.

Anthony Garner, OrLANtech

“I just finished using Auvik earlier this morning troubleshooting an issue. Found a fingerprint door entry device that was generating excessive traffic on the network, affecting performance of all other devices on the network.”

Anthony Garner, CTO, OrLANtech

With simplified visuals and an intuitive design, Auvik can be used by anyone—it doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced network engineer or a lower level tech. There’s no steep learning curve and you don’t need to be a product expert to begin monitoring and managing the network or troubleshooting network issues.

Zach Evans, Solutions & Delivery, Sophisticated Systems

“Where we would normally have to use a particular skill set and do things by hand, we’re now able to drop that down two or three levels and take less time to do it.”

Zach Evans, Managing Director, Solutions & Delivery, Sophisticated Systems

It isn’t always practical or possible to be on site to troubleshoot every network issue that pops up. Whether you’re stuck in a meeting across town, caught in a surprise snowstorm, or sleeping cozy in your bed 60 miles away, being able to remotely access the network makes managing dispersed networks infinitely easier. With Auvik, you can use one of the system’s three remote access features to dive into the network environment and make changes without stepping foot on site.

John Beyer, Realized Solutions

“Without Auvik, we would have spent significantly more time troubleshooting a variety of issues. For example, one of our clients reported slow network performance. Auvik helped us to remotely identify that they had installed a slow unmanaged switch. Without Auvik, we would have likely needed a site visit. With it, we identified the problem and had a resolution in short order.”

John Beyer, President, Realized Solutions

Scaling your MSP can present some operational challenges. It can be hard to provide the same standard of customer service to a larger client base without adding more technicians to your payroll… unless you're using a system like Auvik to create efficiencies. Auvik automates many network management tasks and dramatically cuts troubleshooting time, allowing you to do more with less.

DJ Forman, ITque

“The more we can do with the fewer number of employees the better, but obviously we have to maintain the service level our customers are expecting from us. Auvik makes it easy for us.”

DJ Forman, CTO, ITque

One of the most frustrating calls you’ll receive is from a user experiencing a network performance issue. The issue could be caused by any number of different things and could take hours—or even days—to investigate. But with Auvik’s real-time map, troubleshooting tools, and NetFlow insights, those issues can often be solved in minutes.

Jake Bloedow, Thriveon

“A client was complaining about network performance issues. T2 guy looked at the core switch in Auvik, and could see that port 44 was using about 90% of the bandwidth for the switch. Clicked on it and saw that port 44 plugged into the backup device. Logged into the backup device and saw the backup was going every 15 minutes and choking the network—so he moved it to happen outside of business hours. Really simple, about a 15-minute fix with Auvik. I can honestly say we would have spent about 4 days trying to fix that in the past.”

Jake Bloedow, vCIO, Thriveon

Within hours of installing the Auvik collector, you’ll know what’s on a prospect’s network—even the gear they don’t know about themselves. And you’ll know exactly how it’s connected and performing. Our partners tell us time and again that this network information never fails to impress prospective managed services customers.

Rob Naragon, ITque

“When we show a potential client what Auvik can do and how powerful it is, and how we can drill down to specific ports on a switch or certain areas of a network and get really, really detailed information, it just blows them away. That’s one of the closing factors that we have with our accounts.”

Rob Naragon, CEO, ITque

In a crowded MSP market, you need ways to differentiate yourself from the competition—like offering managed network services backed by Auvik’s deep network insights. MSP Charles Love points out, “When you compare MSPs, the look and feel of the offering is often the same. So when the customer tries to compare MSP A, B, and C, what are the real differentiators they can leverage? I feel one really good differentiator is network monitoring—I mean real network monitoring. It’s one thing to check a box that says you monitor network devices. It’s another thing to actually do it.”

Jason Whitehurst, NoctisIT

“Our most recent conversion had a quote from a company which is much bigger than us. I immediately installed Auvik, and I used it to show them the issues they were having with their infrastructure. Using Auvik as a selling tool has been significant in building the trust with the decision maker… They still came in with us [even though our quote was higher] because, as they put it, ‘You showed us you had the resources to really know what was going on in our infrastructure.’”

Jason Whitehurst, owner and vCIO, NoctisIT

The network supports the entire business, so it’s risky to wait until a network device crashes to replace it. Downtime is extremely costly—and it doesn’t inspire confidence. When Auvik alerts you to a device that isn’t performing the way it should, you can dig into changes in device health and performance as they happen, and compare current performance against historical data to identify trends. You can also quickly pull up device details like make and model, serial number, software version, and more. Equipped with this information, you can make a data-backed case for network upgrades.

Gareth Johns, former Managing Director, BCS

“Auvik is the evidence to be able to sell the business benefit. You can say, ‘Can you put us down for a thousand bucks to replace that switch next year?' Not just, ‘Your switch is old’ but 'Here’s some evidence of the bandwidth spikes that are now limiting your ability to use that network.’”

Gareth Johns, former Managing Director, BCS

Is that network bottleneck because Megan in marketing is backing up her high-res video files or is someone torrenting movies? With Auvik TrafficInsights, you can see who’s on the network, what they’re doing, and where their traffic is going—even when the traffic’s encrypted. Armed with that information, you can quickly take appropriate action to address bottlenecks or close up security holes.

Max Polishevsky, Fantastic IT Solutions

“We were able to identify traffic from an application that would have caused over usage of a circuit and ultimately our cloud services production. TrafficInsights gave us the visibility we needed to shape the traffic and avoid a service issue.”

Max Polishevsky, Systems Analyst, Fantastic IT Solutions

The networks you manage may be in highly regulated industries, may not be allowed to communicate with certain countries, or worse, may have a data leak. With Auvik, discovering illicitly flowing traffic is as easy as looking on a map. The Geolocation area in TrafficInsights shows you the distribution of traffic by geographic location. In this view, you can spot traffic coming or going from places it shouldn't, identify which device is sending the traffic, and isolate the device the traffic is coming from.

Adam Peterson, Real IT Solutions

“I was able to locate a device that was communicating with China for no reason. I was extremely impressed with how quickly I could find what I was looking for, and we resolved the issue by adding a geo-restriction rule to the firewall. Best NetFlow data interface I’ve used.”

Adam Peterson, Owner, Real IT Solutions

When network hardware vendors issue device recalls, field notices, or security alerts, the implications can be massive. You need a way to quickly identify affected devices, perhaps across multiple sites, so you can take action. Auvik’s device inventory makes that easy. What’s more, Auvik’s lifecycle data on certain devices can tell you when those devices are no longer supported or the firmware is old—again giving you the opportunity to upgrade before issues crop up.

Robinson Roca, Helient Systems LLC

“Before we had Auvik, multiple resources had to do different tasks to solve a [field notice]. Now, I can have one person log into Auvik and—without having to log into a single piece of equipment—get serial numbers and other details I need. I may not have to have a network engineer dig into that. I can push off tasks to others at a lesser cost.”

Robinson Roca, Practice Lead, Infrastructure Services, Helient Systems LLC

ISPs are continuously monitoring their core equipment, but the “last mile” is where things most often go sideways. Is it the firewall? Is it inside the network? Is it the link from the firewall to that ISP router? Is it a problem with the ISP’s router? Without data, it’s hard to pinpoint the culprit. But if you can show a jump in latency or 50% packet loss, then you have the data to get your ticket with the ISP escalated to someone who can dig in and troubleshoot. Auvik gives you that data.

Chad Odom, Wahaya IT Consulting

“The monitors and alerts work great … [They] allow us to track outages caused by ISPs, determine how long they lasted, and then use that information to report SLA breaches back to the ISP.”

Chad Odom, Systems Engineer, Wahaya IT Consulting

Network assessments are a crucial part of the prospecting phase for many MSPs. To effectively support a new IT environment, you need to know what’s where and how it’s performing. But sending a technician on site to trace wires, draw maps, and assess the network can take hours, days, or even weeks. Auvik automatically discovers the network, all the way from Layer 1 to Layer 3, giving you a complete and accurate picture of what you’re dealing with.

Lucas Messina, Kraft Kennedy

“We didn’t have a good way to feel comfortable we’d found everything until we started using Auvik. It really helped us be more confident that we were seeing what was there.”

Lucas Messina, Practice Group Leader, Kraft Kennedy

Whether you’re a service provider onboarding a new client, or an in-house IT team taking on new sites through an acquisition, the first thing you want to do with a new network environment is understand what you’re dealing with. But documenting a new site can be time-consuming if done manually: make a trip to the site, crawl through switch closets, trace wires, log data—it’s painful and prone to human error. With Auvik, documentation is handled for you. Thanks to Auvik’s automated discovery, mapping, and inventory, within hours, you’ll have everything you need to bring a new network under your management

Corey Kirkendoll, 5K Technical Services

“Onboarding used to be an extra couple weeks spent on-site, pulling cables. Now, once we load Auvik, it brings back everything we need, giving us an accurate, real-time view of the network. Now we spend our time focusing on better serving our customers’ networks, because we’re not spending time documenting.”

Corey Kirkendoll, President & CEO, 5K Technical Services

You’re doing a lot of proactive work behind the scenes to prevent network disruptions and unnecessary downtime. But if you’re not heroically putting out fires in front of people, they may not realize all the value you’re providing. While you’re not going to call or email for every alert that comes through, it’s still important to keep track of the issues you’re solving. With Auvik, you can store your network data for years and have a complete list of all the alerts you’ve addressed. Then you can pull that data into regular reviews to show clients the work you’re doing to keep the network running smoothly.

Corey Kirkendoll, 5K Technical Services

“Auvik creates tangibility in our relationships with clients. If we can visually demonstrate how the network is performing on a daily basis and make proactive changes to optimize the network, we’ll be meeting the needs of our customer and proving our value.”

Corey Kirkendoll, President & CEO, 5K Technical Services

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