Dig into network monitoring and management.

Get a feel for true network visibility and control with Auvik’s cloud-based software in a pre-configured, safe testing environment.

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What can I do in the Auvik Network Management Sandbox?

Discover all of the devices on our test network

The Sandbox shows a complete network map with inventory and documentation that updates in real-time as the network evolves. Explore traffic stats and more!

Access devices remotely to perform config backup and comparison

You’ll see how Auvik connects remotely to each device for access to make quick changes in the event of trouble. There is even a split-screen view to compare previous configurations.

Preview alerts of different urgencies

In the Auvik Dashboard, you’ll be able to set up four categories of alerts, from informational to emergency. You can check out some examples in the Sandbox.

Gain true network visibility and control with Auvik

Real-time network mapping

Inventory & documentation

IP address management

Hardware lifecycle data

Config backup & restore


Network traffic analysis

Centralized syslog

VPN capacity monitoring

Secure remote access

50+ built-in alerts

Manage unlimited sites

Free support

See how Auvik can help you gain true network visibility and control

Auvik’s cloud-based network management software…