Gain full network visibility and control
with Auvik’s cloud-based network
monitoring & management software

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Auvik’s network monitoring and management software automates complex and time-consuming network tasks to help you free up valuable time and resolve tickets faster. Click on any area for a deeper dive into how it works.

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Automate network visibility &

Complete your network picture with automated network discovery, inventory, and documentation that updates in real-time as the network evolves.

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Simplify network performance monitoring & troubleshooting

Respond to network issues in real-time and dive deep into problems with syslog so your users are always connected to the business critical resources they need to do their job.

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backup & recovery

Sleep easy knowing you have access to up-to-date device configurations, a snapshot of all historical configs, and the ability to export or restore a configuration with ease.

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Intelligently analyze
network traffic

Go beyond NetFlow to easily identify who’s on the network, what they’re doing, and where their traffic is going with Auvik TrafficInsights™.

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Navigate the network
with ease

Quickly see the big network picture, narrow down possible devices to investigate, and zoom in to get the info you need.

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Access the network
from anywhere

Remotely connect network devices in Auvik’s inventory and troubleshoot issues without ever leaving your desk.

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Efficiently manage
distributed sites

Centralize and standardize how you manage multiple sites—whether they’re across the city, country, or globe—from one dashboard.

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Put privacy &
security first

Leverage 2FA, permission configurations, audit logs, and more to ensure only authorized users make changes to the network.

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Create powerful workflows
with Auvik APIs

Pull data points like alert history, inventory, and all historical stats from Auvik to integrate them into a third-party application or use the data yourself.

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Get the software up and running in no time

Auvik’s lightweight collector takes minutes to install and automatically begins discovering the entire network. Combined with its intuitive design, everyone from novice techs to experienced engineers will be comfortable using our software.

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