NinjaOne alternative for dynamic network visualization

Switch to Auvik and get the fastest network mapping solution. No more wasting time just gathering data. See clear solutions with our top-rated software.


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Real-time network monitoring with Auvik

Auvik provides more out-of-the-box network monitoring and management with automated inventory, pre-configured alerting, automated configuration backups, and deep network visibility capability.

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Configuration backups
Automated network map
Discovery beyond SNMP (SSH, API)
Out-of-the-box support

Auvik is simply faster

When compared to NinjaOne

Faster to deploy

“Get true network visibility and control that would not be achievable with NinjaOne.”

  • Deploy within an hour
  • Set up automatically
  • Add your network seamlessly

Faster to manage

“Auvik boosts your productivity because it’s easy to use and manage.”

  • Quickly see the big network picture
  • Narrow down devices to investigate
  • Dig into device flow data for more insights

Faster to recover

“Auvik helps you troubleshoot network issues faster and reduces time to recover compared to NinjaOne.”

  • Instant access to 50 pre-configured real-time alerts
  • Automated config backups
  • Go back and review recent changes