Selling a meaningful product that helps people is something I’ve always been passionate about working in sales. My first sales job was at a glove manufacturer, where we heard from people who had workplace injuries because they didn’t have the proper equipment.
It felt this way when I worked in cybersecurity as well—we were selling software that helped security teams sleep confidently at night.

I always want to work for a company that is selling a product that clearly helps people solve an immediate problem, and that’s what I’ve found at Auvik. Let’s talk about my first couple of months as an Account Executive here at Auvik, and how my experience has been so far selling a product that fixes people’s problems.

Selling the Auvik product means being able to fix peoples’ everyday problems

Patrick Leyte

I’ve worked with managed service providers (MSPs) for small and medium-sized businesses in the past, and have actually seen the impact of Auvik’s product first hand. As businesses continue to shift to the cloud, they are turning to MSPs to handle scale, visibility, and security. Auvikmade MSP network monitoring easy for IT teams and solved real business problems.

Our customers have put a lot of hard work into building their business, and are scared about losing it overnight because of ransomware or a network issue. Auvik gives them the peace of mind that it’s taken care of.

I’ve seen inside small businesses—where IT people are screamed at because they’ve missed an alert and their client’s network went down. I’ve heard about the long hours for IT folks and the constant worry that a network issue will come up. My job is to help understand customers’ stories and problems to see how we can help. Then present them with how Auvik can support their growing business.

It’s not just selling software, it’s providing peace of mind. It’s showing people how this will help lighten the emotional toll of their challenges, fix the problems that are always on their minds, and make their lives better.

Since I had experience working with MSPs I started taking sales calls in my third week, and made my first sale within my first month! It was the fastest sale from a new hire at Auvik which was pretty exciting. It confirmed that we have a great product and onboarding process. Plus, I couldn’t have done it without our keen business development representatives booking meetings, and our supportive sales leaders like my manager Sam Steeves.

My first month as an Account Executive at Auvik

There’s always a lot to absorb when starting a new job. Before I joined Auvik, I reached out to a people who worked here to ask how it really was. I heard so much about the awesome culture, and my first month has been a true testament to that. The Auvik Way values are at the heart of what we do and I’ve already seen that within a month.

Everyone here is talented, but it’s clear they’re hiring for genuinely kind and good people too. You can feel in with everybody you talk to when they take the time to ask, “how is your day really going?”

Auvik has a great onboarding process that pairs everyone with a buddy. My buddy Tasha has been so helpful with getting set up and someone on another team to ask questions. And on my first day, I also had 10-15 messages on Slack from people saying welcome, introducing themselves, and asking about me. Everyone is genuinely interested in everyone else’s experiences. I’m an extrovert, so I’m the person who’s happy to introduce myself to everyone in the office and jump on a call to chat. But I think the fact that Auvik has embraced being remote-first also helps more introverted people who may prefer to communicate over Slack as well.

The little things go a long way. It was my birthday a couple of weeks after starting at Auvik and they sent me this nice birthday card and package with a mini charcuterie board. These little things really make you feel welcome.

birthday gifts from Auvik

Take the leap if you’re interested in sales

Sales can be a great career for anyone, regardless of your professional background. You need a thick skin and you’ll learn to not take things personally. You need to be personable and curious about people and their challenges.

I love working in sales because I get to dictate my own outcomes. It’s a career where you get to help people solve their business problems. At Auvik, we focus on value selling, where our processes are about uncovering a pain point mutually with prospects, quantifying that pain, and then showing how we can solve and reduce the costs of that pain. It’s about understanding your customer and helping them.

You don’t need tech sales experience to start your career as a business development representative. If you come into your first sales role with a willingness to learn at a place like Auvik that has processes in place and a strong team, they’ll help you be successful.

Learn more about growing your sales career at Auvik from Jason George, our VP of Sales and Business Development.

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