Every four months, Auvik welcomes university co-op students to become an Auvikian for a semester. The program is a time for students to have an immersive experience working and learning about what it’s like at a growing tech organization. We partner with University of Waterloo and the University of Toronto to help grow our teams with a diverse outlook from students. This past semester we had five students join our engineering and finance teams.

Our Talent Acquisition Specialist, Dan Webster, partners with our hiring managers and universities every semester to get new students into the program:

“These students are stepping into a co-op experience where they’re getting world-class leadership, doing meaningful, impactful work from day one, and most importantly, growing as people. It’s super rewarding to help facilitate!” says Webster.

We sat down with two of our students to learn more about their experience at Auvik and to understand what they took away from their experience and what’s next for them.

Dmitry Tsarapkine, a Computer Science student from the University of Waterloo, joined Auvik as a Software Developer for his fourth co-op term. Tsarapkine described the four months spent with us as “really memorable.” He enjoyed having the opportunity to take on challenging tasks while still being fully supported by his manager.

As part of the experience, students learn about the Auvik Way, our guiding principles, one of which is Shit Happens. Tsarapkine connected with this principle the most, saying:

“When something unexpectedly doesn’t go the right way, it’s important to look forward and think ‘how can we fix this’ and ‘what can I learn from this’ rather than to panic. This mindset allows you to quickly put yourself into a position where you can minimize downtime and learn from your mistakes.”

We also welcomed Phil Lan from the University of Toronto as a software developer. Lan enjoyed his experience at Auvik and noted that, “everyone I’ve met has been extremely friendly and helpful. Though Auvik is a fully remote company, I got to know some of my teammates pretty well.”

Echoing Tsarapkine, Lan also appreciated his co-op placement’s mentorship aspect.

“For me, getting guidance from my seniors was well worth it. When working remotely, everyone is always open to remote pair programming sessions or a quick 30-minute Zoom coffee chat. I never felt stuck because everyone is willing to help.”

Lan’s favorite Auvik Way principle? Wow Our Customers. “It’s always nice to know that your code has a real-world impact by improving your customer’s experience.”

As our Co-Op program continues into 2023, we’ve recently welcomed another group of students into our winter term. If you are a student interested, check out the University of Waterloo and the University of Toronto’s job board to see if Auvik is hiring.

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