Throughout my career in learning and development (L&D), I have seen firsthand the power that comes from fostering cultures of continuous learning. At Auvik, that continuous learning culture is all about unlocking people’s full potential.

It’s been almost a year since I joined Auvik as Leadership and Employee Development Manager, and what an adventure it’s been so far. During that time, I have been fortunate to witness the incredible potential of individuals when provided with the right environment, resources and guidance. 

To be impactful at any organization, L&D requires insight into what a business and its people need and want. At Auvik, it’s about balance: what we need now and what we’ll need for the future. We want learning initiatives to be agile so we can help people navigate the ever-changing landscape of work and life.

We also want to design learning experiences where both work and purpose are considered, which is vital to Auvik’s remote work environment. These experiences foster collaboration through innovative approaches, helping us deliver a more positive and connected experience.

A compelling L&D plan includes opportunities for people to enhance their skills and advance their careers. We understand that learning initiatives should not be one-size-fits-all and strive to offer a variety of learning options, allowing people to choose programs and pathways that align with their individual goals and interests. 

Here are some ways we strive to deliver those valuable learning experiences to our people.

Career growth

Our L&D initiatives include a Career and Growth Planning program, wellbeing workshops (such as Mindfulness in the Workplace), and a Mentorship Program to enable people to connect and collaborate with others at Auvik.  

The Career and Growth workshops were a valuable experience that demonstrated to me how much Auvik as a company cares about my growth and overall career. Auvik is growing and developing thoughtful, reflective, driven professionals, and that’s a workplace culture that I want to be a part of!” -Lael Uberuaga-Rodgers, Product Marketing Manager

Leadership development

Our Leadership Development Program helps leaders tap into the potential of their people, giving them the opportunity to excel and grow. Co-development and cross-functional collaboration facilitate an exchange of knowledge and ideas. And, our Senior Leadership Team also participates in the program, which is not only inspiring, but it helps to create a common language among our leaders.

“The Leadership Development workshops gave me an opportunity to meet team leaders from other departments, and to learn from their life experience. When we discussed sample work scenarios in a group, I got to see how the same problem could be tackled from a very different angle from the one I would take. It was a good reminder that the same approach doesn’t work for everyone / for every situation.” – Jacob Filipp, Marketing Operations Manager

Knowledge sharing

Leaders are creating a community of practice that promotes knowledge sharing. Through co-development sessions, leaders come together on a regular basis to help solve problems and learn from each other. This cross-pollination of ideas and skills fosters a collaborative work environment, enhancing overall organizational effectiveness. 

Online L&D tools

We also leverage our learning platforms and tools to enhance the accessibility and scalability of learning initiatives. Our online learning management system, virtual classrooms, and e-learning modules provide flexibility and enable self-paced learning.  Specific learning paths allow leaders and employees to target learning to topics such as Communication Essentials, Mental Health and Wellness, and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. 

We believe that engaging in intentional learning and development fosters a culture of lifelong growth and this empowers people to take ownership of their own professional development. Individuals recognize the importance of continuous growth and actively seek out new knowledge, explore areas of interest, and continuously improve their skills, fostering a sense of personal fulfillment and self-directed growth. 

By prioritizing L&D, we can unlock opportunities for both individuals and Auvik as a company—a win-win situation where everyone thrives.

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