How to increase revenue
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Best practices and FREE resources for prospecting, pitching, and pricing managed network services.

Ebook cover - The Ultimate Guide to Selling Managed Network Services

What you’ll get with this resource bundle

The best ways to find new customers and upsell current clients

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Key differentiators

Learn how focusing on the network in addition to endpoints and servers will set your MSP apart.

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Questions to ask

Refresh your list of questions to ask new and prospective clients so you can find the best fit.

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Pricing models for all

Pricing per hour, per seat, and as a bundle so that no matter your business model, it boosts revenue.

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How Auvik can help

Tips and tricks, including a network assessment template, that will show you how Auvik makes this easy.

What’s included

We’ve provided a range of resources in this kit that you can use when marketing Auvik-supported managed network services to your clients and prospects. Here’s what you’ll find.

How to slam dunk a network assessment with Auvik
Ebook cover - How to slam dunk a network assessment using Auvik

Swoosh! That sound of you slam dunking your network assessment is music to our ears. Read the step by step guide included in the kit.

4 sample email scripts to wow your prospects
Ebook cover - 4 Sample Email Scripts to Wow Your Prospects

We know what you’re thinking: “Does cold emailing even work?” 

Our response to that? “Heck yeah!” 

And the best part of cold emailing is that it can be a lot easier to set up than a cold call, but it needs to be spot on. Let’s start with a few guidelines to structure your messages in an effective (and repeatable!) way and then we’ll share some samples you can use and customize to your liking. Overall, keep it short.

4 sample phone scripts to establish rapport
document cover - 4 Sample Phone Scripts to Wow Your Prospects

Yes. Cold calling is still a thing … because it works (or at least it can, if done well). 

For one, calls are less common than email these days, so you have an opportunity to grab the prospect’s attention quickly. And once you have them on the line, it’s a lot easier to create a personal connection and establish rapport.

Network assessment report template
Cover - Network assessment report template

This template is designed to help you create a custom report for your prospect or client, upon completion of their network assessment. It includes sample findings and recommendations for illustrative purposes, along with instructions on where to get and export the data from within Auvik.

Client and prospect presentation template
Cover - Powering Your Business

This plug-and-play template helps you put together a slide presentation for both clients and prospects, so you can walk them through what services you offer and what value you provide.

Auvik web assets package
laptop with Auvik software

For use on your website—includes Auvik logo, brand guide, screenshots, value proposition copy, etc.

Auvik features and benefits overview

The document outlines the many capabilities and features of Auvik, including network mapping, monitoring, quick issue resolution, and traffic analysis, all aimed at improving network stability and security.

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Ebook cover - The Ultimate Guide to Selling Managed Network Services

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