The Auvik Way isn’t some vague and meaningless mission statement of empty platitudes. It’s a set of operational values that guide every facet of our work.

When you join the Auvik team, you’ll learn about them from our CEO in your first week of onboarding. They’re the core of our high-five peer recognition program, and you’ll hear them in a lot of meetings. They are:

  1. Wow our customers
  2. Be agile
  3. Commit
  4. Shit happens
  5. Kindergarten rules apply
  6. No assholes
  7. Winner takes all

We often hear that our values draw people to Auvik and make them stay. But what does it look like to “walk the walk” and make them more than words? So we asked our employees, ”How do you see some of The Auvik Way principles in your everyday work?”

Kindergarten rules apply

Rules like being kind, sharing, and treating people with respect are what we live by. When I’m having a great day, it’s the kindergarten rules principle I relate to most.

We always try to share knowledge with others and check in to see how coworkers are doing. My team meets weekly, and part of that meeting is checking in with everyone’s mental health and that they’re feeling okay. On a scale of 1-10, what’s the number you’re feeling? Again, it returns to kindergarten rules—sharing, caring, and ensuring everybody feels okay.

– Pam Cruz, People Operations Specialist

No assholes

The no-assholes Auvik Way principle got my attention. It’s hard to find a company that openly says, “being an asshole is not acceptable here.” I want to work for a company that stands for something, and commits to saying what forms their culture and what they won’t tolerate.

The Auvik Way isn’t just internal; it’s also what we commit to in working with our customers. Auvik’s customer success team has been the most collaborative team I’ve ever worked with, and I’ve never felt like I’m on my own.

Priya Verma, Customer Success Manager

Shit happens

In my first few months at Auvik, I’ve tried to break a ton of things here to be able to think outside the box. I can therefore attest that we embody the principle that shit happens! Because a lot of shit happened. We broke things, there were miscommunications, and mistakes were made. But I didn’t feel at any point like I was getting my hand slapped or reprimanded for things that failed. It was always okay,” this happened; let’s deal with it, learn, and move on.”

That enables me to be creative and innovative at work without being nervous about doing something wrong. Everyone here has that philosophy of shit happens, let’s fix it and make more things happen. That’s how you learn.

Stephanie Bote, Business Development Manager

Wow our customers

You can point to any feature you worked on and see how customers use it. At Auvik, if you fix a bug today, it’s in production tomorrow. Customers see the results. It’s not quite close to the point where every keystroke is being shipped, but it’s close!

For example, we often have cases where customers ask for help supporting specific devices they find on their networks. One of our goals is to be able to turn around device support fixes quickly. So as we make these kinds of changes and improvements, we can tie the work we’re doing to immediate customer value.

Michael Brown, VP of Technology

It’s the heart of what we do and how we work.

Auvik is on a quest to make the best management system for the new network the world has ever seen. And The Auvik Way principles are not just words on a wall, or empty promises on our website. They’re our guiding principles to achieving that, and our measuring stick for success.

With The Auvik Way in driving every step of our work, we—Pam, Priya, Stephanie, Michael, and the rest of the Auvik team—can always feel proud of the results.

Learn more about the Auvik Way.

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