Our Talent team was hard at work over the past year. Not only to help write these career blogs, but to also help find talent to join our growing company. We’re growing, and we’re so humbled to share that we’ve hired 161 employees this year!

This is all due to our Talent Acquisition team, People team, Hiring managers, and interviewers who dedicate themselves to the growth and success of Auvik. You might be asking yourself… How were we able to accomplish that? Let’s dig into the details of what it takes to hire at Auvik.

We have three Talent Acquisition Specialists who each focus on a major area of our business (Software Development, Sales, Corporate Business), along with a dedicated Sourcer to support them. We also have a Programs Manager and leader who focus on enabling the team in many areas.

We use Greenhouse, our applicant tracking system that powers our job board and enables amazing collaboration between interviewers and our talent team. We’ve also brought in SeekOut, a unique sourcing tool to engage with candidates in addition to LinkedIn Recruiter (and this fun Careers blog!).

How many interviews did our team do? We had over 1600 interviews with our Talent Acquisition team along with many others involving our talented Auvikians across the business. WOW!

All of this success happened in just 1 year. Cheers to 2022.

Let’s ring in the New Year and welcome 2023, as we continue to scale our teams around the globe. Check out our careers page for more info on openings.

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