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How to Troubleshoot Network Issues — The Wrong Way

There are innumerable troubleshooting guides floating about the ether, but once in a while it helps to look at how NOT to troubleshoot network issues to clarify good habits. Here are a few ways I've chased my tail so ineffectually that the experience wedged itself into my long-term memory.

6+ Awesome Places to Get Network Training Online

With so many options to choose from, it’s easy to find online network training that meets your needs. Whether you want to take a months-long training course taught by professionals, or just catch a quick overview of a topic in your spare time, you can find everything you need to know on your laptop or phone.

What to Look for in a Next-Generation Firewall

Considering a next-generation firewall? To help you understand the huge array of available options, engineer Kevin Dooley describes the most common NGFW features and offers advice on picking the device that's relevant to your client needs.

How to Look Up a Custom OID

Is there a network device you want to learn more about or monitor? Being able to look up OIDs (the device’s Object Identifiers) is the key to gleaning the information you’re after.
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