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Network Management

Network Management: In Search of a Few Good GUIs

Easy-to-use network management interfaces have been few and far between. The good news? Things are getting better as the network culture shifts.
Author: Alex Hoff
Network Management

Google, Zero-Trust Networks, and the Future of Security

Zero-trust is in the news again with Google’s recent announcement. Here’s what their move means for network security.
Author: Kevin Dooley
Network Management

How to Configure IPv6 on Cisco Devices

Go beyond the basics of IPv6 and learn how to enable and configure IPv6 on a simple network, including routing and security commands.
Author: Kevin Dooley
Network Management

What Every Network Admin Should Know About IPv6

IPv6 comes pre-enabled on a lot of network devices—dangerous unless you’re in control. Here’s what you need to know to implement and manage IPv6 well.
Author: Kevin Dooley
Network Management

Electricity Basics for the Network Administrator

A network admin needs to be a smart consumer of electricity, which means knowing what questions to ask and what the answers mean.
Author: Keith Tokash
Tech Industry

This Is the Auvik Way

Guided by 7 key principles, we’re on a mission to craft the world’s best networking software. Welcome to the Auvik Way.
Author: Marc Morin
Network Management

5 Great Reasons to Manage Your Network in the Cloud

Dive into the perks of cloud network management with Auvik’s Alex Hoff, and see why it often outshines on-prem solutions.
Author: Alex Hoff
Network Management

6 Essential First Steps in a New Network Admin Job

Where do you start when you step into a totally unfamiliar network? Read on for some tips on taking the reins of an infrastructure you know nothing ab
Author: Dana Oros
Network Management

An Introduction to Network Authentication Protocols

Centralized authentication improves network manageability and security. Learn about authentication protocols RADIUS, TACACS+, LDAP & Active Directory.
Author: Kevin Dooley
Network Management

SDN: What Small and Mid-Sized Businesses Need to Know in 2015

Software-defined networking (SDN) is still years from being practical in a small or mid-sized business. But you should be getting ready for it.
Author: Alex Hoff

What’s your shadow IT risk factor?

Find out in this free guide and exercise kit.
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You will learn:
  • The impact shadow IT has on an organization
  • How to evaluate tools
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