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Network Management

What is Hierarchical Network Design?

Looking for a network with scale and the highest level of performance? Hierarchical network design might be the most effective option.
Author: Lawrence Popa
Sales Engineer, Auvik
SaaS Management

What is SaaS Ops? SaaS Operations Meaning, Challenges, and Best Practices

Get the essentials of SaaS Ops, including challenges, solutions, and best practices to optimize cost, productivity, and security in your org.
Author: John Harden
Network Management

NetFlow Basics: An Introduction to Monitoring Network Traffic

You probably have support for NetFlow or other flow protocols on your client devices already. That means you can quickly and inexpensively start gaini
Author: Steve Petryschuk
Director & Tech Evangelist, Auvik
Configuration & Troubleshooting

How to Troubleshoot a Broadcast Storm

Broadcast storms are a major pain point for network admins. Learn more about what they are, what causes them, and how to deal with them.
Author: Ray Patel
IT Leadership

MSP vs Internal IT: What’s the Right Choice for My Company?

MSP vs. internal IT: what’s right for your business? Explore the benefits and challenges to determine the best IT management strategy for your unique
Author: Rebecca Grassing
Product Marketing Manager, Auvik
Protocols & Communication

SNMPv2 vs. SNMPv3: An SNMP Versions Comparison Table

The most significant difference between SNMP v2 and v3 is the level of security for the user on the network. Let’s look at an SNMP versions.
Author: Steve Petryschuk
Director & Tech Evangelist, Auvik
Configuration & Troubleshooting

Dealing with Rogue DHCP Servers

First, understand what a Rogue DHCP server is, how it works, and how it can threaten your network. Then, techniques to prevent them.
Author: Steve Petryschuk
Director & Tech Evangelist, Auvik
Network Management

What is Multicast Networking and How Does It Work?

Multicast networking is based on the simple concept that a single packet can be sent by a server and it will be received by many receivers. Multicast
Author: Kevin Dooley
Protocols & Communication

NetFlow Analyzers: Definitions, Key Features & Use Cases

Discover how NetFlow analyzers can enhance your network security, visibility, and performance in our comprehensive guide.
Author: Nolan Greene
Product Marketing Manager, Auvik

How to Enable Hyper-V: An IT Pro’s Guide to Mastering Virtual Environments

Learn how to enable Hyper-V on Windows. Plus, explore the basics of managing virtual machines in this easy-to-follow guide for IT pros.
Author: Nolan Greene
Product Marketing Manager, Auvik

What’s your shadow IT risk factor?

Find out in this free guide and exercise kit.
cover of shadow IT ebook
You will learn:
  • The impact shadow IT has on an organization
  • How to evaluate tools
  • Tips on security
  • A quiz to help you determine the severity of shadow IT in your org
  • Solutions to solve these problems