Auvik acquires Boardgent and Saaslio

Welcome to the last mile of the office network!

I’m thrilled to extend our warmest welcome to two new additions to the Auvik family—Saaslio and Boardgent. Combining their product feature set and industry expertise with Auvik, will extend our capabilities to provide a unique toolset designed to solve problems for MSPs and internal IT departments—and effectively manage the end-user experience regardless of location and which applications are being used.

To celebrate, we’re readying a 30-day free trial of Sasslio for our readers! Find out how you can uncover, manage, and secure your SaaS ecosystems with Saaslio from Auvik. The waitlist to RVSP is open now!

Together with WiFi technologies gained from our recent acquisition of MetaGeek, Saaslio and Boardgent will elevate the Auvik platform by combining our deep expertise in network monitoring and management, experienced workforces, proprietary technologies, and innovative solutions to deliver the ultimate network monitoring platform.

The scope of the typical IT team’s responsibility has changed drastically as the arrival of SaaS productivity apps has enabled the distributed work trend and lessened reliance on VPN connectivity, taking end-users out of the office and out from behind firewalls and putting them on home networks, 4G and 5G hotspots, and unsecured Wi-Fi networks at their favorite coffee shops. These trends have pushed the boundaries of the office network out to the last mile, creating a need for new tool sets that extend visibility and control for IT teams. The acquisition of Saaslio and Boardgent will allow Auvik to advance its ambitious and aggressive roadmap to deliver a remarkable technology management experience for IT teams supporting end-users, the applications they use, and the networks they traverse – wherever they are.

While personally getting to know Ryan, John, and Ricardo, I fell in love with what they had achieved with technology and the potential of integrating these elements within Auvik—but more importantly, we found that each of our teams and cultures aligned with the Auvik Way principles.

As we continue to build, we strongly feel these acquisitions will advance our capabilities in the network monitoring market and into new market spaces like end-user experience management. To hear more about this acquisition from our newest partners, you can find the announcement from Saaslio here and from Boardgent here.

With Auvik’s focus on redefining the network, I am excited for us to come together and discuss where the future of the network is going and how we can continue to lead the charge!

Welcome to the Auvik family!

-Alex Hoff, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer, Auvik Networks

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Alex Hoff, Chief Product Officer, Auvik Networks Inc. Alex's prior experience includes serving as Senior Product Manager and member of the office of the Chief Technology Officer at Sandvine where he built the company's Usage Management product line.

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