Insight and tips on SaaS Management

Articles about managing software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications, including deployment, usage optimization, security, and cost management.

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Articles related to SaaS Management

How to Introduce a SaaS Management Solution to Your MSP Stack

Learn how to integrate a SaaS management solution into your MSP, enhancing security, governance, and profitability for you and your clients.

13 SaaS Optimization Tips for IT Leaders

Discover SaaS optimization strategies for IT leaders, with 13 essential tips to boost efficiency, security, and ROI in your SaaS ecosystem.

50 Essential Shadow IT Statistics for 2024

Explore 50 of the most essential shadow IT statistics for 2024. Understand trends, risks, and strategies for IT pros and business leaders.

Master Your SaaS Discovery Process Using Auvik

Discover 7 steps to master SaaS discovery using Auvik. Enhance IT governance, productivity, and security in our comprehensive guide.

Understanding Cybersecurity Insurance Requirements and How Network Visibility Can Help

Cybersecurity insurance requirements are tougher than ever. Learn how network visibility can help you secure coverage and claim support.

How to Create a SaaS Spend Management Strategy

Learn how to create an effective spend management strategy for your SaaS investments. Get key tips to optimize costs and unlock savings.

3 Key Insights from the Gartner® Market Guide for SaaS Management Platforms

Auvik is featured as a Representative Vendor in the 2022 Gartner Market Guide for SaaS Management Platforms. Get our 3 top insights.

5 Things to Look for in a SaaS Management Platform and Why

Learn how SaaS management platforms solve the challenges of app sprawl, security risks, and wasted costs.

A Deep Dive into Shadow IT: Examples, Risks, and Solutions

With the proliferation and commoditization of SaaS combined with the growing normalcy of remote work, Shadow IT creates serious security issues for IT

Why Should You Care about SaaS Discovery and Management?

Businesses are adopting SaaS in growing numbers, and for many reasons. Chief among them is convenience and accessibility. SaaS solutions can be access

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