A better way to monitor, configure and automate your network.

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Automated network discovery

Automated network discovery

Keep your network topology diagrams and inventory lists up to date. Auvik shows how network devices are physically connected and logically configured.

Real-time network insight

Network insights in real-time

See network events in performance charts and logs the instant they happen. Auvik displays network status and captures all changes in real-time.

Information for rapid troubleshooting

Information for rapid troubleshooting

Quickly identify and resolve issues. Auvik aggregates network configuration details, events and logs in one dashboard.

See your network... Perhaps for the first time?

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Tell us your business needs.

Auvik develops custom configurations to help you build a network that does what it needs to do.

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Do more with your team.

Auvik makes your approved changes to the network and automates time consuming manual tasks.