Meet the leaders and visionaries behind
Auvik Networks


Marc Morin


Chief Executive Officer

Alex HoffLinkedIn

Alex Hoff


Chief Product Officer

Tim MartinLinkedIn

Tim Martin

Chief Financial Officer

John AstornioLinkedIn

John Astorino

Chief Operations Officer

Jacqui MurphyLinkedIn

Jacqui Murphy

Chief Marketing Officer

Rob AuldLinkedIn

Rob Auld

SVP, Sales

Doug SwansonLinkedIn

Doug Swanson

SVP, Engineering

Bart CiakLinkedIn

Bart Ciak

VP, Engineering

Julie ForsytheLinkedIn

Julie Forsythe

VP, Engineering

Scott TysonLinkedIn

Scott Tyson

Managing Director, EMEA

Rosemary NewmanLinkedIn

Rosemary Newman

VP, Legal

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