If you’re an Auvik user, you’ve likely come to realize our network management solution can provide value to your business in more ways than one. From automating tedious and repetitive tasks like documentation and config backup, to cutting down on troubleshooting time, Auvik’s cloud-based network monitoring and management system gives you true network visibility and control.

But we wanted to go beyond the anecdotal evidence—we want to show you real-world cost savings based on real-world economics that our software is providing for thousands of companies around the world today.

To do that, we commissioned industry-leading research firm Forrester Consulting to perform a Total Economic Impact™ study. They were tasked with looking into exactly how much time and money you can save by using Auvik, and where those savings appear.

Don’t have time to read the whole study? No problem. Here’s the good stuff we’ve uncovered.

Savings you can count on, literally

Network management time savings through Auvik were found to be worth more than $1 million over three years, risk adjusted. That’s a savings of approximately $421,200 per year. Auvik saved the composite organization of the study an average of 2 hours per network, per month.

One customer interviewed for the study said:

“Instead of having to log in to a bunch of systems and look at all the logs, Auvik directs us where to look and sends alerts, speeding up our remediation time.”

icon - ROI 173%

Auvik also enabled the composite organization to redeploy network specialists to tasks better suited to their roles and skills, allowing them to work on higher-level tasks, and left junior level staff to resolve issues on their own. That value alone was quantified at approximately $228,000 per year.

Using Auvik also helped organizations eliminate the costs of multiple, and in some cases overlapping, network management tools. The three-year, risk-adjusted legacy license savings of using Auvik to replace multiple tools was nearly $600,000.

Overall, the return on investment (ROI) for Auvik over a three-year period was 173%. That’s not all though—Auvik also enabled several unquantified benefits.

Savings you can feel

icon - payback < 3 months

We love to talk about how Auvik can start showing results on a new network in minutes. Streamlined implementation and integration was one of the key benefits described in the study. Auvik’s set-up was described as “intuitive” and its integration with other tools was “seamless”. This led to a number of other benefits that might be just as good for any company’s bottom line as cash savings.

Improved employee satisfaction was one such point. It was noted that Auvik’s efficiency benefits allows network management teams to perform at faster, higher levels, and with fewer human errors due to increased automation, and less stress and frustration throughout the day. A better user experience for employees that leads to a happier working environment is a great reason to use any software.

Along with employees, companies are obviously concerned about their clients or their end users. And Auvik helped realize benefits in these situations as well. Because teams were able to work faster to identify and resolve network issues, organizations eliminated network downtime, saving time, money, and complaints in the process.

Auvik’s promotion of proactive management for networks is a key factor. It’s much easier to be proactive when you can see every detail of what you’re working on, and have the capacity to focus on the whole picture. Increased network visibility is another benefit Auvik provides. Every detail about every network device becomes visible and updated in real-time. Issues are identified and resolved long before they become emergencies.


Auvik doesn’t just save organizations money, it provides incredible value through automation, visibility, and time savings to help you take back total control of your network.

But you don’t need to take our word for it. Here’s what Travis H. had to say about Auvik in his G2 review:

Auvik Is Flat-Out Critical For Efficient and Effective IT Operations. Auvik allowed me to walk into an organization that had been plagued with an absolute IT mess and sort it all out incredibly fast. We are talking 20+ years of various IT companies, contractors, non-uniform ANYTHING, different naming conventions, nothing labeled anywhere, nothing inventoried, 20+ years of generational spread between devices still in use, shadow IT, rogue devices, etc – across several offices – spread out over the US. Sorting all of this out without Auvik likely would have taken years – if it was even feasible without blowing everything up and starting over. With Auvik, I was able to immediately start to unravel everything – and had all the issues listed above 100% resolved within a few months – some things within a week or two. Truly unbelievable.”

Ready to go beyond the research and experience Auvik for yourself?

Take advantage of the 14-day free trial to see Auvik on your own network. With a payback period of less than three months, you’ll see these benefits faster than you would with any other network monitoring and management software.

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