IT Nation is the biggest conference on the MSP annual calendar, and each year the show gets bigger and better. 2017 was no exception with a crowd of nearly 2,500 MSPs descending on Orlando, Fla., for 3 days of sessions, networking, and parties.

Orlando Florida sunshine IT Nation 2017
Palm trees, sunshine, and Universal Studios next door — not a bad place to spend 3 days in November!

First on the agenda was the Welcome Reception on Wednesday night. And would you believe it — some dude was walking around without his pants on! I mean, who is this guy?

IT Nation 2017 man without pants
The guy without pants at IT Nation 2017

We weren’t the only ones who had questions.

Facebook conversation IT Nation man without pants

Ohhhh! It all became clear the next day when it was time for Alex Hoff, Auvik’s VP Product & Sales, to give his breakout session.

Alex Hoff Auvik MSPs are you wearing pants?
Alex Hoff’s breakout session at IT Nation

Credit is also due to the many folks who figured out the joke early on. The purple pants stickers and giant pants sign at our booth may have given it away. 😉

During the show, Auvik also announced its upcoming integration with IT Glue. Pay no mind to our Nanook here, who appears to be mauling IT Glue’s Luis Giraldo. The bear is friendly, I assure you.

Auvik announces IT Glue integration IT Nation 2017
Left: Luis Giraldo (IT Glue) / Bottom right: Nanook and Carlos Santiago (IT Glue)

In fact, our Nanook was found visiting with just about everyone at the show, including our Auvik friends at Datto, itopia, Collabrance, Wise-Sync, Pax8, ConnectBooster, and more.

Auvik's Nanook with Datto itopia
Left: Alex MacFarlane (Auvik), Christine Gassman (Datto), Nanook / Right: Alex MacFarlane, Ted Hulsy (itopia), Nanook
Auvik Nanook with Collabrance Wise-Synce at IT Nation 2017
Left: Collabrance team with Nanook / Right: Wise-Sync team with Nanook
Auvik Nanook Pax8 ConnectBooster
Left: Jacqui Murphy, Nanook, Jennifer Bodell (Pax8) / Right: Nanook, Alex MacFarlane, ConnectBooster team

Thursday night was the very popular pub crawl. We were excited to meet so many of you at this event — cheers!

Auvik sponsor IT Nation 2017 pub crawl
IT Nation 2017 pub crawl

Rumor has it there were some Auvik socks to be had but the sightings were rare. These two fellows are happy owners though!

IT Nation 2017 Auvik socks

#WheresTheBear? The bear was everywhere.

IT Nation 2017 polar bears Auvik
How many polar bears do you see?
IT Nation 2017 Auvik nanook looking cool in ConnectWise sunglasses
Nanook (Ashley Cooper) keeping it cooooool at IT Nation 2017

See you next year!

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