Customer Support Policy

(version 2.0) 


This policy will help you understand core elements of our customer support function – how to contact our technical support team and how we analyze and prioritize support requests.

How to access Technical Support

Support Hours4 am to 10:00 pm ET, Monday to Friday
(excluding company holidays)
Live Chat SupportAvailable in product during regular support hours.
Support Phone (Toll Free)North America: 1-866-59-AUVIK (28845) ext. 2
UK & Europe: +44 800 368 7578 ext. 2
Australia: 800 934 221 ext. 2
New Zealand: 800 854 898 ext. 2
Support Email[email protected]
On-demand SupportAll Auvik users can search or browse our comprehensive Knowledge Base articles for technical product help and access on-demand training resources in our Training Portal.

Technical Support Overview

Service maintenanceService maintenance includes maintenance releases, enhancements, new versions, additions, and modifications to the Service that it provides to all customers under support for no additional fee.
Response timeResponse time generally corresponds to severity level as set out in the table below
Resolution processResolution Process for Severity Level 1 Issues: 
(1) Trouble Ticket opened.
(2) Assign engineer to determine and correct the error.
(3) Periodic reports on the status of the correction.
(4) Initiate work to correct the error.

Resolution Process for Issues of Severity Levels 2, 3 and 4:

Trouble ticket is reviewed and prioritized according to severity, engineering resources and/or current development roadmap.

Note that resolution can take many forms including but not limited to: a workaround, code update, or user training.
Scheduled OutagesScheduled Outages are usually scheduled on Saturday’s and run from 7 am – 9 am ET. Customers are usually notified about all outages (scheduled and unscheduled) via email

Initial Response By Severity Level

Technical support requests are generally processed on a first-come, first-served basis. That said, some tickets may be processed out of turn based on Auvik’s reasonable assessment of their level of severity. The severity is set by the support team as part of the triage process, based on the guidelines listed in the below table.

We recommend that for all urgent issues, customers reach out to support via in-app chat or phone to ensure immediate attention.

Priority LevelInitial Response Goal*Description
Severity 12 business hoursService substantially fails to perform. Auvik cannot deliver its service and there are no workarounds to mitigate the impact of the issue.
Severity 24 business hoursSubstantial degradation in performance of the Service. High impact features or functionality are impacted but there are workarounds available to mitigate the impact of the issue.
Severity 324 business hoursMinimal-to-no impact on the availability or performance of the Service. Functionality is impaired but there are workarounds available to mitigate the impact of the issue.
Severity 424 business hoursFeature or Product requests

* The actual response time and resolution period for any specific issue may vary, depending on a range of factors, some of which are outside of Auvik’s control (for example, customer input and responsiveness).

Access to Customer Data

Customers control access to their data. Customers may enable or disable Auvik support access (read only user role by default) from within the product dashboard. In certain instances, technical support may request customer in-product screenshots, or logs, or may recommend granting the Auvik support team enhanced access to a customer’s instance (e.g. screen share).


Our customer support does not include support of any non-Auvik products, services or technologies.

[Effective August 1, 2023]