Onboarding new clients can be a very time-consuming process for MSPs.

To get the lay of the land, you typically need to make the trip to the client site, crawl through switch closets, perform a site survey, and complete many more manual tasks. But even after that investment of time and resources, sometimes you don’t get the full picture.

Lucas Messina, practice group leader at New York City MSP Kraft Kennedy, says:

“The challenge is always discovering what’s there when you’re going into a new environment. When it comes to the network devices, there’s a lot that can be hidden.”

Without an accurate picture of the client’s network, including a comprehensive device inventory, you could be missing information vital to servicing their IT effectively and strategically. That’s why Lucas started using Auvik during new client onboarding.

“We didn’t have a good way to feel comfortable we’d found everything until we started using Auvik. It really helped us be more confident that we were seeing what was there. That was very helpful to us as part of the onboarding process.”

Better yet, Marshall Rownd, central services manager at California’s Datapath, doesn’t even have to leave his desk during the onboarding process, saving his MSP (and his clients) expensive billable hours that can instead be used for ongoing service delivery.

Recently, his MSP acquired an IT services company, and he had to onboard 45 new clients.

“Within a month and a half, I had onboarded all those clients with our tools. So automating the process, getting in there and setting up Auvik allowed a quicker transition for our staff to support those clients with our tools. The fact that I don’t even have to leave my desk makes it super easy.”

The way Marshall saves the most time is by integrating Auvik with his other go-to onboarding tools: ConnectWise Manage, ConnectWise Automate, and IT Glue. After he uses ConnectWise Automate to discover endpoints, he’ll activate the Auvik collector to round out his documentation.

“One of the biggest benefits of using Auvik in a new client onboarding process is we have it integrated. Our engineers don’t have to waste time jotting down model numbers and serial numbers—ConnectWise Manage syncs that up into IT Glue for us. We’ve onboarded clients where they’ve wasted time doing that stuff manually.”

Network Doctor was able to quantify the impact Auvik has made to their onboarding process. Andrew Kropf, the former infrastructure and solutions manager, said:

“Since using Auvik for our onboarding process, it’s taken a lot of what was a manual process and automated it. It has cut our onboarding time by at least 75%.”

After using Auvik to expedite client onboarding, you can repurpose the time you’ve saved to optimize the IT environment. That’s a recipe for happy customers.