What a decade this year turned out to be.

When I started at Auvik, I was told by my director, “we never miss a Tuesday.” Which in reality meant, “We publish a new article every Tuesday, of every week, at 9 a.m., come hell or high water.” And it’s true. I’m proud to say despite the wild ride that was this first year with Auvik, we never missed a deadline.

But that’s not all. The content team also worked to add new posts for new sections of our website, and quietly toiled behind the scenes to refresh a number of older articles that, while still super useful, needed some updates for the new decade.

In total, we published a finger-aching 67 articles this year, with topics about networking, navigating your IT career, and even how to make a lego Atari play like the real thing. We busted our collective humps, pushed a lot of traditional content boundaries, and had a lot of fun doing it.

And so, as annual tradition dictates, let’s run down the top 10 most popular blogs, based on your web traffic, that we published in 2022.

[But really, they’re all #1 in my heart.] – Ryan

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10. 6 Spanning Tree Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Spanning trees are good, but they are only good if they’re configured correctly. There are a lot of common mistakes people commit when setting up a spanning tree, so consider this your cheat sheet. | Read it

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9. Network Throughput vs Bandwidth and How to Measure It

People confuse these two terms all. the. time. So, we thought it’d be useful to clear up any misconceptions, and do our readers one better: show you our tips for how to properly measure throughput to keep your network in top shape. | Read it

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8. Network Basics: What Is SNMP and How Does It Work?

SNMP is at the heart of what we do at Auvik. This little protocol is what enables every device, big and small, to share information with each other. It’s also so much more. Take a look at the “Cool and evil.” protocol that is SNMP.| Read it

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7. 5 Steps to Configure Cisco AnyConnect VPN

When it looked like the work-from-home shift of 2020 really wasn’t going away, we saw a big jump in searches for info on VPNs, firewalls, and other tools admins needed to keep their workforce (and networks) safe. Here we got specific, with some helpful steps to configure Cisco VPN through your firewall. | Read it

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6. How to Find IP Addresses on a Network (and Monitor their Usage)

75 billion IP addresses, and it’s up to IT teams to keep track of them all. While it’s certainly challenging, it’s not an impossible task. It starts with being able to find IP addresses on the network effectively.| Read it

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5. Network Design and Best Practices

One of the most important steps in any IT professional’s life is being involved, or leading, in the design of a new network system. Here, we’ve laid out key steps in planning, designing, and implementing you need to know to start any project off the right way. | Read it

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4. 11 Types of Networks: Understanding the Differences

LANs, PANs, WANs, and… MANs? You don’t need to memorize the common network types you’re liable to run into when you keep this quick guide bookmarked. 11 different networks, and some questions to ask yourself before deciding which is right for you. | Read it

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3. Layer 2 vs Layer 3 Network Switches: What’s the Difference?

Network switches. It’s one of those devices we all know about, but do we really know everything we should? Are there such things as Layer 2 and Layer 3 switches, or is it just a clever trick with the OSI model? That’s what we tried to find out. | Read it

switch configuration

2. The Auvik Guide to Basic Switch Configuration

File this under “something everyone should know.” No matter how long you’ve been in networking IT, it always helps to refresh the basics. And using a command line interface to configure a switch is still a fundamental skill. Let’s walk through 10 of the most important basic network switch configuration steps. | Read it

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1. Classful and Classless Addressing Explained

For all the network history buffs, this one’s for you. Check out the rather cool story of classless addressing, and how network engineering solved an issue that was about to end the internet as we know it, for good. | Read it

Do any articles this year stand out to you that aren’t on this list? There’s a lot to choose from. Let us know in the comments if anything we put out this year resonated with you. We read all the comments that come in, and your good words really do make it worthwhile.

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