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Auvik Releases Integrations With BrightGauge, IT Glue, Passportal, and Warranty Master

MSPs can increase operational efficiency by syncing Auvik data into popular tools

WATERLOO, ON /February 12, 2019 — Auvik Networks, a provider of network monitoring and management software for IT managed services providers (MSPs), has launched integrations with four popular MSP tools: BrightGauge, IT Glue, Passportal, and Warranty Master.

Each integration gives MSPs time-saving insights into client networks. Instead of having to jump between different software systems to find information, MSPs can store all client device data in one consolidated location, allowing them to manage client sites more accurately and efficiently.

“We’re making it easy for MSPs to locate information and statistics about their clients’ network devices,” said Alex Hoff, VP of product and sales at Auvik. “Sifting through different platforms and tabs to find the data you’re looking for is a drag on time. Now, MSPs can access what they need where they want it—in tools they already know and use—which speeds up key network management tasks like troubleshooting, maintenance, and reporting.”

By syncing the rich data that Auvik automatically discovers about a network and its devices, MSPs can add more detail and accuracy to device inventories stored in IT Glue and Passportal, network infrastructure biodata in Warranty Master, and reporting in BrightGauge.

“Auvik automatically discovers information about our clients’ devices that no other software can,” said William McGee, managing partner at SoundView IT Solutions. “By pulling that data into our IT Glue and Warranty Master inventories, our techs can find everything they need to know in one spot, which saves them time.”

Each integration partner pulls data from Auvik using the new Auvik Inventory API, which MSPs can also use to build their own integrations. To enable any of the new integrations, Auvik partners can refer to the Auvik Knowledge Base for instructions on configuring an API user.

MSPs who aren’t yet Auvik partners can visit the Auvik website to request more information.