Discussion Topics:

Auvik customers discuss how they approach interweaving cybersecurity initiatives into their business, including how they use the Auvik toolset in their business to stay secure.

  • Importance of visibility and knowing what’s there
  • What and how to prioritize your business for Cybersecurity
  • Tools and best practices for securing the business
  • How to get buy-in and approval from leadership

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Check out our Panelists

John Harden

John Harden

Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Auvik Networks Inc.

John Harden has spent 15+ years in the IT & MSP industry and eventually became the founder of Saaslio. Auvik acquired Saaslio in 2022, where John joined as a Sr. Product Marketing Manager – SaaS Management.

Eric Woodard, CEO, Protek

Eric Woodard

CEO, Protek

Eric Woodard is the founder and CEO of Protek, a leading MSP based in Sandy, UT. Eric holds a BA in Business Information Systems from Utah State University and holds CISSP and GCCC certifications, showcasing his dedication to cybersecurity and information assurance.

Jason Slagle, President, CNWR, Inc.

Jason Slagle

President, CNWR, Inc.

Jason Slagle is a 28 year veteran of Systems and Network administration. Having worked on everything from Linux systems to Cisco networks and SAN Storage, he is always looking for ways to make his work repeatable and automated.

Beau Dickie, Chief Security Officer, Vector Choice Technology Solutions Corp.

Beau Dickie

Chief Security Officer, Vector Choice Technology Solutions Corp.

Beau leverages his 20 years in security, operations, law enforcement, and incident response to protect organizations while enabling their critical business functions. Vector Choice is leveraging Beau’s demonstrated success in understanding cyber security risks to offer our clients enterprise-level security solutions scaled for SMB budgets and staff.