On a fairly regular basis, an MSP will post to Reddit or Spiceworks or another IT forum to ask about the best ratio of techs to supported users, or what other companies are finding sustainable.

The question usually comes from an overworked tech who’s drowning in tickets and trying to understand what’s considered a reasonable ratio.

The answers can get interesting.

On Spiceworks earlier this year, more than 85 people responded with details about the environments they support—and the range was notable.

On the low end, a few lucky techs were each supporting about a dozen users. On the high end was one company with a tech for every 3,400 users.

To be fair, nearly all of the respondents with more than 700 users per tech were supporting schools. Their numbers included both staff and students.

If you take out those highest numbers, here’s how they average out:

  • The median average was 123 users per tech.
  • The mode average was 150 users per tech.
  • And the mean average was about 161 users per tech.

This is the distribution with the numbers over 700 taken out.

MSP tech user ratio chart

Chart by Auvik / Data from Spiceworks

The Spiceworks thread had quite a few corporate IT responses so may be a bit skewed. Yet the averages aren’t too far off what a number of MSPs on Reddit have said is the magic number of about 200 to 250 users per tech.

MSP tech user ratio Reddit thread

Source: Reddit

Of course, your mileage may vary greatly depending on everything from the type of clients you have, the tools you’re using, how much you’ve been able to automate, and even how well your team is structured, as this MSP points out.

MSP tech user ratio Spiceworks thread

Source: Spiceworks

What’s the ratio of techs to users in your MSP? Has it changed over time as you’ve brought on new clients or systems? Leave a comment and let us know.