With numerous options available for network monitoring, finding the right fit for your business can be a daunting task. It’s essential to sift through the noise and focus on what truly matters: a solution that meets your organization’s specific needs.

PeerSpot, an enterprise buying intelligence platform, offers valuable insights into how various solutions, including Auvik Network Monitoring, perform in the real world. Based on Auvik reviews from PeerSpot, this blog will explore the top five features that customers love about Auvik.

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1. Network visualization and mapping

Auvik review of automated mapping

One of the standout features of Auvik, as highlighted by customers, is its exceptional network visualization and mapping capabilities. Many Auvik reviews praise its intuitive interface, which provides a comprehensive overview of their network infrastructure. 

Rick R., a President/COO at Creative Consultants Group, mentions the benefits the network visualization and mapping has for his company. “[Auvik is] also the best that we have found for helping to visualize network mapping/topology. It does a great job of that, hands-down. The mechanism that it uses to learn about the network seems to be more robust than some of the others. The interface is very clean and sleek. It discovers devices well and the relationships between them, and the general aesthetic of the portal presents that information.”

By visualizing the network layout, including devices, connections, and configurations, Auvik empowers users to identify potential issues quickly and optimize network performance with ease. Because Auvik’s network maps are generated through a dynamic automated network discovery process, network visualization is always up-to-date, no matter how much the network changes. 

2. Ease of use

Auvik review of easy to use home dashboard

Simplifying complex tasks is a hallmark of effective software, and Auvik excels in this aspect. Customers frequently commend the platform for its user-friendly interface and straightforward setup process. 

Mike D., a Tier 2 Support Tech at ArcSource Consulting, praises the simplicity and quick learning curve of Auvik. “It’s extremely simple to use the monitoring and management functions of Auvik. Anybody with just a general IT background would be able to use it without a problem. This aspect of the solution is extremely important. As we’re training new people, it’s nice to have tools that are simple to use yet powerful enough to give you insight into your client’s network. It would be a great tool for delegating low-level tasks to junior staff because there are so many built-in features and you get so much information out of Auvik.”

Whether configuring devices, monitoring performance, or generating reports, Auvik reviews rave about the product’s interface intuitive and easy to navigate, streamlining their network management workflows.

3. Cloud-based

Auvik review of cloud based usage with global dashboard

Having a network management solution that embraces the cloud is invaluable. Auvik’s cloud-based architecture resonates strongly with users, offering flexibility, scalability, and accessibility. 

Paul T., a Network Engineer at a medium-sized computer software company, explains how the product has helped his company scale in his Auvik review. “It’s also helpful that [Auvik is] not onsite because we’re trying to move servers and services off-prem. Auvik is definitely a step in the right direction. It’s one less piece of infrastructure to worry about. You don’t have to open up your environment to collect monitoring information. It just needs outbound traffic, which makes things easier. That’s where it shines compared to an on-prem solution. Also, you don’t have to maintain or update software or the agent. It does that automatically.” 

But he doesn’t stop there. “You don’t have to maintain or update software or the agent. It does that automatically,” he continues. “I don’t have to worry about updating firmware. With an on-prem solution, everything is hub and spoke and everything has to go back to our data center. Auvik, as a cloud solution, eases up on that usage of our circuits and internet.”

With the ability to manage networks remotely via the cloud, users can oversee their infrastructure from anywhere, ensuring seamless operations and swift responses to network issues.

4. Configuration backup

Auvik review of configuration backup

Network configurations are the backbone of efficient operations, and safeguarding them against loss or corruption is paramount. Auvik’s configuration backup feature garners praise from users for its reliability and simplicity. 

Iain, a Director of Technology at a small tech services company, discusses the configuration backup feature and what he really likes about it: “A really cool feature that it has is that it takes a backup of all of the configurations automatically. Auvik periodically, most probably on a daily basis, logs into all the switches and firewalls that you have on-site to see if there is a change, and when there is a change, it does a new backup of the device. It logs changes for you.”

By automatically backing up device configurations, Auvik provides users with peace of mind, ensuring that critical settings are preserved and can be restored swiftly in the event of disruptions or hardware failures.

5. Automated network monitoring and alerting

Auvik review of automated alerting screens

Proactive network monitoring is essential for identifying and addressing issues before they escalate into major disruptions. Auvik’s automated monitoring and alerting capabilities are highly acclaimed by users for their effectiveness in keeping networks healthy and resilient. 

Kirk P., the President & Chief & Consultant at Intuitive Technologies, notes how crucial proactive monitoring is for his company. “Auvik helps minimize blind spots and provides an additional resource for monitoring and tracking network performance. Proactive alerting is crucial, as it’s often preferable to have a system notify me of issues before users do. While not always possible, Auvik enables me to be proactive in addressing network problems.”

By continuously monitoring device performance, traffic patterns, and security threats, Auvik empowers users to stay ahead of potential problems and take prompt corrective actions.


The testimonials from Auvik users on PeerSpot shed light on why customers love Auvik as their preferred network management solution. From its robust network visualization to its cloud-based flexibility and automated monitoring capabilities, Auvik empowers businesses to streamline their network operations and enhance overall efficiency.

The experiences and feedback of real users can help businesses make informed decisions about selecting the right tools to meet their network management needs. Why not start an Auvik free trial and see for yourself?

Save time and see your network like never before.

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