2023 saw a return to normalcy for IT events post-pandemic, and MSP events were no different. MSP conferences can be a great way to network, keep up with the latest in the industry, and maybe even get that next game-changing idea to grow your business. And, most importantly, get plenty of sweet vendor swag! (FYI, we have the best mugs and bucket hats).

Of course, attending a conference is a big investment, even before the cost of travel and lodging. To make it worthwhile, the trick is finding the right MSP conference for your MSP business. 

Frankly, understanding how to get the most out of an MSP conference is more of an art than a science. Just like no two MSPs are the same, no two conferences are the same. The best MSP conferences for one provider might be boring MSP events for another. Attending the conferences that are most likely to align with your interests and avoiding the ones that aren’t are important parts of spending your time wisely. 

To help you get it right, this article will break down the top 20+ MSP conferences of 2024. 

💡Pro tips: Looking for corporate IT events? We’ve got a separate list of the top general IT conferences.

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1. 7 Figure MSP Live

When: Feb 13–Feb 15, 2024

Where: Phoenix, AZ

Who’s it for: MSPs, MSSPs, and IT business owners

More info: https://live.7figuremsp.com/ 

From the host:

Every quarter, hundreds of the world’s IT and MSP business owners come together to learn what’s new, what’s hot, and what’s actually working RIGHT NOW to properly serve clients and scale a successful MSP business.

If you’re an IT or MSP business owner or if you are in sales or marketing for a growing MSP business, 7 Figure MSP™ Live is YOUR event.

📝Note: The keynote speaker for 7 FIgure MSP live is Mike Michalowicz. Mike is the author of The Pumpkin Plan which is one of the entries on our list of top books for MSPs.




  • Southern California
  • Houston, TX
  • Newark, NJ
  • Denver, CO
  • Chicago, IL
  • Boston, MA
  • Toronto, ON
  • St. Louis, MO
  • Tampa Bay, FL area

Who’s it for: North American MSPs with a focus on SMBs

More info: https://events.ascii.com/ 

From the host:

Content focuses on helping MSPs build a better business and realize any revenue opportunities they may be missing.

Rave Review 

“The people I meet, along with the training and leadership that ASCII provides at these events is invaluable. I definitely recommend attending the events… kudos to everyone at ASCII.”

Lamont Hatcher, ECO, AIS

3. Big Big 2024

When: Dec 2–Dec 6, 2024

Where: Hollywood, FL

Who’s it for: MSPs, MSSPs, and IT decision makers

More info: https://clientportal.taylorbusinessgroup.com/2024-bigbig-save-the-date and https://www.taylorbusinessgroup.com/blog/what-is-the-bigbig-conference/ 

From the host:

From breakout sessions to the beach, the BigBIG Conference is a family-friendly event that will help you gain a better understanding of the MSP industry, build relationships with peers and experts, and learn best practices to achieve success. 

Each year, the BigBIG brings together business professionals from all around the world for three days of learning, networking, and fun. It’s built for our members, by our members.

4. Cloud Expo Europe

When: Mar 6–Mar 7, 2024

Where: Excel, London

Who’s it for: MSPs, IT infrastructure managers, MSSPs, tech enthusiasts, and IT decision makers

More info: https://www.cloudexpoeurope.com/ 

From the host:

Unlock innovation at Cloud Expo Europe, the UK’s leading event for shaping your cloud strategies and navigating the ever-evolving cloud technology landscape.

This is the place to build valuable partnerships, optimise your IT infrastructure, and reach your business goals.

5. CompTIA ChannelCon

When: Jul 30–Aug 1, 2024

Where: Atlanta, GA

Who’s it for: IT professionals, MSPs, MSSPs, channel partners, and VARs/resellers 

More info: https://connect.comptia.org/channelcon

From the host:

Join other tech innovators and thought leaders in the CompTIA community for three days of learning, collaborating, and transforming your business and career.

Rave Review 

“Meeting with members of the Community, specifically other MSPs/MSSPs to discuss challenges and victories within the industry.”

Zachary File, Senior Solutions Engineer

6. DattoCon

When: Oct 28–Oct 30, 2024

Where: Miami Beach, FL

Who’s it for: MSPs, IT specialists, and technical decision makers 

More info: https://www.dattocon.com/why-attend/ 

From the host:

At Kaseya DattoCon, you’ll get savvy about security and gain technical insights from industry experts. We encourage you to bring your entire team! Everyone from tech to exec will leave Kaseya DattoCon with real-world business strategies to implement the minute you’re back at the office.

7. Empower

When: Mar 25–Mar 28, 2024

Where: Frisco, TX

Who’s it for: MSPs, service delivery managers, sales and business development professionals, and IT decision makers

More info: https://empower.n-able.com/event/12f48222-d92b-48fc-ba95-76e57c48a549/summary 

From the host:

Three days of purpose-built experiences to challenge and drive transformation.

8. Forrester Security and Risk Forum

When: Dec 9–Dec 11, 2024

Where: Baltimore, MD and virtual

Who’s it for: MSSPs, security professionals, CISOs, and technical decision makers 

More info: https://www.forrester.com/event/security-risk/ 

From the host:

With the information and insight that Forrester provides, organizations can manage risk and reap the business rewards of being truly trusted.

As you lead your organization to secure the future, Forrester is on your side and by your side with the latest research, content, and insights available at the Security & Risk Summit 2024.

9. IT Nation Connect

When: Nov 6–8, 2024

Where: Orlando, FL

Who’s it for: IT solution providers (with a focus on ConnectWise solutions) 

More info: https://www.connectwise.com/theitnation/connect-na/faq

From the host:

Are you an IT solution provider looking for better ways to run and grow your business? An IT professional looking to connect with like-minded peers? A ConnectWise product user looking to maximize your investment? Come to IT Nation Connect! There is something for every role, and there are endless opportunities to connect, collaborate, and learn.

Your Guide to Selling Managed Network Services

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10. Kaseya Connect Global

When: Apr 29–May 2, 2024

Where: Las Vegas, NV

Who’s it for: MSPs,MSSPs, IT professionals, and IT decision makers

More info: https://www.kaseyaconnect.com/

From the host:

Kaseya Connect Global is designed for leaders and experts in the IT service industry looking to help build systems, evolve their companies, and help lead the industry into a stronger tomorrow.

Rave Review

“The majority of the sessions had direct application to how to make our business run better, not just a series of product dumps or ‘commercials.’”

Unnamed attendee on the event’s homepage

11. MSP Expo

When: Feb 13–Feb 15, 2024

Where: Fort Lauderdale, Florida 

Who’s it for: MSPs, channel partners, and VARs/resellers

More info: https://www.mspexpo.com/east/ 

From the host:

MSP Expo attendees represent companies of all sizes, including MSPs and traditional resellers and agents. Plus, enterprises and SMBs, government agencies, and service providers/carriers.

Rave Review

“This was definitely the best show that we have participated in within the last 5 years (or more). Excellent foot traffic, ample networking opportunities, and good bang for the buck on the sponsorship opportunities we took part in.“

Rick Mancinelli, C3 / Cloud Computing Concepts LLC

12. MSP Summit

When: Mar 11–Mar 12, 2024

Where: Las Vegas, NV

Who’s it for: MSPs, channel partners, and VARs/resellers

More info: https://themspsummit.com/ 

From the host:

The MSP Summit is co-located with the largest channel event in the word, Channel Partners Conference & Expo. Experience the best MSP conference covering 2024 hot topics like AI, security, business best practices, and more.

Rave Review

“Our ability to learn and apply the knowledge acquired at the speed of the industry and ahead of others may be the number one competitive differentiator that we have. Channel Partners and Channel Futures puts us at the head of the pack through their content and conferences. “

Paul Cronin, Apogee IT Services, CEO

13. MSSP Alert Live

When: Fall 2024 (specific date to be determined)

Where: Washington, D.C.

Who’s it for: MSPs/MSSPs, Security engineers, CISOs, IT specialists, cybersecurity technology vendors, and technical decision-makers

More info: https://msspalertlive.com/

From the host:

Join us as we discuss cyber strategies, technology trends, and business insights security service providers seek to manage and grow their business and safeguard their customer’s assets. Whether you are just getting started offering managed security services, or an established MSSP, this event will deliver you everything you need for your managed security services roadmap for 2025 and beyond.

14. Pax8

When: Jun 9–Jun 11, 2024

Where: Denver, CO

Who’s it for: MSPs, MSSPs, and cybersecurity professionals 

More info: https://www.pax8beyond.com/ 

From the host:

Master cybersecurity, learn how to grow your business, and elevate your capabilities over three days of immersive, groundbreaking sessions with leading industry speakers, MSPs, and vendors.

15. Right of Boom

When: Mar 6–Mar 8, 2024

Where: Las Vegas, NV

Who’s it for: MSPs and MSSPs

More info: https://www.rightofboom.com/event/22f53824-56a7-4e87-9dc4-c25d1d93baf7/summary 

From the host:

Right of Boom is a cybersecurity event purpose built for MSPs. Our goal is to empower MSPs to understand and implement the people, process and technology capabilities to become cyber resilient while driving both growth and profitability within your organization!

Our vision is for all MSPs to continuously operate their and their client’s businesses, despite adverse conditions, attacks, or compromises.

16. Robin Robins Technology Marketing Boot Camp

When: Apr 2–Apr 5, 2024

Where: Nashville, TN

Who’s it for: MSPs, MSSPs, VARs, and IT decision makers

More info: https://www.robinsbigseminar.com/ 

From the host:

Every year we choose a FUN theme for Boot Camp. After all, you don’t need to be “Boring Basil” to learn how to make “one-hundred million” as an MSP (cue pinky finger). Smashing, baby!

That’s why this year’s theme is all about getting more MOJO in your Marketing featuring the International Master Of Marketing herself, Robin Robins, along with her usual crew of mad geniuses, sales-swingers and a handful of Fembots ready to show you how to groove your way to more moola to the tune of Soul Bossa Nova. Yeah, baby!!!

17. Spiceworld

When: TBD, typically Q3

Where: TBD, typically Austin, TX

Who’s it for: IT professionals, IT decision-makers, and MSPs

More info: https://www.spiceworks.com/spiceworld/

From the host:

Join us for SpiceWorld to discover the hottest trends, network with industry firebrands, and forge connections that can ignite your career and take your business to a new level.

Rave Review

“Spiceworld was one of the most amazing times of my life. I met so many awesome people and learned a ton of amazing new things. The vendor showcase was incredible with the selection of vendors they had out there, and everything was made to be very engaging. Oh and I won a Lenovo gaming laptop at the end! w00t! Can’t wait for my next SpiceWorld!”

Christopher Spradlin

18. Techcon Unplugged 

When: Sep 12–Sep 14, 2024

Where: Hanover, MD

Who’s it for: IT business owners, MSPs, and MSSPs

More info: https://techconunplugged.com/ and https://www.eventbrite.com/e/techcon-unplugged-2024-tickets-789463164577

From the host:

Bringing the IT Community Together. Join like-minded business owners for a weekend packed with resources to help your IT business thrive!

19. Vision 24

When: Aug 27–Aug 30, 2024

Where: Dallas, TX 

Who’s it for: MSPs and MSSPs

More info: https://www.the20.com/vision/

From the host:

You don’t want to be “just another MSP,” so don’t go to “just another IT conference.”

Join us at VISION ’24 and supercharge your MSP with the latest and best insights on MSP growth, cybersecurity, M&A strategy, marketing, and more!

20. Xchange Best of Breed

When: Oct 14–Oct 15, 2024

Where: Atlanta, GA

Who’s it for: MSPs, technology vendors, and solutions providers (invitation-only) 

More info: https://event.thechannelco.com/best-of-breed 

From the host:

The Best of Breed (BoB) Conference meets the evolving needs of the IT channel’s largest, fastest-growing, and most progressive solution provider organizations and the top technology vendors and distributors. An invitation-only event, the BoB Conference brings together 100+ attendees from CRN’s elite solution provider lists─Solution Provider 500, Tech Elite 250 and Fast Growth 150─to connect and engage over the course of 2 days. The in-person event features empowering CEO interviews, SP 500 solution provider spotlights, economic and market trend sessions, executive panel discussions and briefings, and peer-to-peer networking.

21. ZeroTrust World 

When: Feb 6–Feb 28, 2024

Where: Orlando, FL

Who’s it for: MSPs/MSSPs, security professionals, and IT decision makers 

More info: https://zerotrustworld.threatlocker.com/ 

From the host:

Learn from experts, learn from peers, and expand your network in a fun environment with three days designed to improve your knowledge and skills as an IT professional.

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