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You may have noticed our events schedule is a little light lately. 🙁 As we all work to flatten the curve on COVID-19 through social distancing, many industry events are being postponed or cancelled.

While we hope to see your friendly faces in person soon, we’re working to host a number of virtual events in the months to come. So don’t be a stranger—join us online and say “hi” in the chat panel, or send us an email at any time to get in touch.

Feature event

Don’t drop the ball on your 2021 planning! Join Tackle 2021 for input and advice from some of the top players in IT, cybersecurity, and network management.

This 3-part series includes analyst-led sessions and interactive panel discussions to help you close the gap between current trends and future state.

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Upcoming events

Tackle 2021

Sep 16, 23, 30


Kick off your 2021 planning with this interactive 3-part series for IT teams. Expert sessions and live peer-to-peer panel discussions will help you close the gap between current trends and future state.

Click here to attend live or get the recordings.

Cherwell Clear Virtual

Starts Oct 13, 2020


Tune in to watch Auvik’s Chief Product Officer Alex Hoff present Embracing Shadow IT, then meet the team at our virtual booth.

Register here to attend.

IT Nation Connect: Pre-Day

Nov 9, 2020


How do you plan for sustainable growth without working your techs to the bone? What does the latest network field report reveal about IT service opportunities in 2021?

These are just a few of the questions we’ll address during our pre-day workshop.

IT Nation Connect

Nov 10-12, 2020


This three-day event is for leaders who are ready to grow a strong company and obtain long-term success. Enjoy in-depth breakout sessions, thought leadership sessions, and meet the Auvik team—all from the comfort of your home or office.

Register here.

You just missed us

The triple-A way to run a lean, mean IT team

Aug 12, 2020


In this 1-hr triple-A webinar, Auvik, Liongard, and Warranty Master teamed up to discuss how IT leaders like you can adopt and use the triple-A framework to optimize their IT services and grow profit.

Click here to watch on demand.

IoTSSA’s Beyond the Curve Cyber Stream Series 2.0

Jul 7-9, 2020


Patrick Albert, Auvik’s VP of Product Management, led a discussion during Day 3 of the Cyber Stream Series on how 2020 changed the way SMBs need to interact with their customers.

Click here to watch on demand.

Protect & Streamline Summit for IT Leaders

Jun 17-18, 2020


During this 2-day, 2-track virtual event, IT leaders and industry experts shared their take on recent research, trends, and strategies to reduce business risk and streamline IT operations.

Click here to watch on demand.

Recession Response With Mike Michalowicz

May 14, 2020


In this 1-hr Recession Response webinar, network integrator turned entrepreneur Michalowicz provides actionable tips and strategies to help IT leaders navigate the recession and come out ahead.

Click here to watch on demand.

The Bigger Better MSP Summit


Apr 22, 2020 AEST / Apr 21, 2020 ET


At the Bigger Better MSP Summit, industry analysts and successful MSP founders shared advice on increasing conversions, improving employee engagement, and boosting profit margins.

Click here to watch on demand.

Achieving Higher Profit Margins by Selling Security-as-a-Service

Apr 16, 2020


In this 1-hr webinar with Auvik Director of Systems Engineering and Barracuda MSP Sales Director, you’ll learn how to boost your MSP’s profit margins through security-as-a-service.

Click here to watch on demand.

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