Network Security & Privacy

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Single Sign-on

Make controlling access a breeze by integrating with your existing IdP

Auvik centralizes the management of user access by integrating with your existing identity providers, such as Okta, Azure AD, and OneLogin, among others. You can also leverage an existing Microsoft work or Google Workspace account to log into Auvik.

Mandatory 2FA

Make sure those accessing the network are who they say they are

All Auvik password users must enable two-factor authentication (2FA) to access our software. Better yet, if you’ve integrated Auvik with your existing IdP, we’ll let them handle the 2FA per your organization’s policy.

Mandatory 2FA
screenshot - Role Based Access Control

Role-based Access Control

Share network info with the people you choose at the access levels you want them to have

With Auvik, you get granular control over who can do what when using our software, meaning you can easily define roles and configure permissions. You can give an employee read and write access to these 10 sites but not those 8, or allow them to see configurations without being able to make any changes. It’s all up to you.

Audit Logs

Verify who’s connecting to, and making changes to the network

You can access a complete history of all user changes to sites, devices, credentials, alert definitions, and networks, as well as  restoration of config backups. With this info, you can be confident in who on your team is taking action on your behalf, and easily see when someone’s done something in Auvik they shouldn’t have.

screenshot - Audit Logs